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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Joy of Simple food - Dal Khichadi

The festive season is in the process, after eating loads of desserts and yummy food for Diwali, Christmas is already in the air, and the waft of cookies and cakes is everywhere.
However I was just missing some simple food, it always is the case with me, no matter whether I am travelling and having the most exotic food, or after a bout of parties, dose of festivals, it's always the simple food that calls out to my tummy. 

Is it only me or this happens to you too?? 
Anyhow ... I was craving some simple Ghar ka khana, easy on my palette and delicious nonetheless. So I whipped up some Dal Khichdi. 

It's very easy to make, have a look - 

Dal Khichdi 

1 cup rice washed and drained 
1 cup toovar dal washed and drained 
1 medium onion finally chopped 
1 medium tomato finally chopped 
Few sprigs of curry leaves 
Coriander to garnish 
Ghee to cook 
Dried red chillies 
3 green chillies finely cut 
Pinch of asofoetida 
1 tspn turmeric 
1 tspn chilly powder 
Salt to taste 
1 tspn cumin seeds - jeera 
1 tspn mustard seeds - Mohri 
2 tspn finally chopped garlic 
Peppercorn, cinnamon, cloves 


In a pressure cooker 
Add 1 tbspn ghee, let it get hot add cumin, mustard, curry leaves, peppercorns, cloves , cinnamon,asofoetida  on low flame , let the aroma come out. Then add red chilly, garlic, onion, sauté till onion is translucent. 
Add tomatoes, stir and sauté till tomatoes are done, add salt, turmeric? Red chilly powder, stir, sauté on low flame for 1 minute, then add the rice and dal, water to cook. Pressure cook it for around 6-8 minutes 1 whistle on high flame and two on low flame. 
When the pressure cooker is done, let it cool down open and check the consistency. If not desired add water and stir and mix nicely on low flame (paste like consistency) simmer. 
Serve hot garnished with coriander and tspn of ghee 

What's your favourite simple food ?
Write to me. 

Until next time-- 


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