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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

First post of 2016.
To new beginnings, new projects, new aims, new thoughts, aspirations, perfection. 
Perfection to achieve the dreams, perfection in life, relationships, career  perfecting me. 
On my mind today  is Perfection or is it?? Perfection is just a thought - we can strive for it, however no one is 100 %perfect. I myself am imperfect and I take pride in it. I don't want to be dazzled by a word which just plays with your mind and never satisfies the inner demons until you achieve that state of perfection which is a myth according to me. God has created us as imperfect creations, we are meant to be that way no body has every thing in perfection. The journey of life is to understand this and learn from our imperfections, strive to better ourselves. In the race to perfection many a people just let go of what they have in hand. In such of that perfect relationship, perfect companion, perfect job, perfect life,perfect figure we are missing on our today , on what we have in hand.
I love myself the way I am, I celebrate my imperfections. Doesn't mean I will not strive to better myself but never will I run behind perfection - a myth that is. 
So this new year of mine is going to be imperfectly perfect ;) what an irony 🙈😜☺️

With that thought an outfit for the winters, layers it is..... 

Outfit Details 
Jeggings- Zara 
Top - Splash 
Jacket - high street 
Necklace - high street 
Clutch - gift from a friend 
Ring - pink pvssy
Shoes - Footin 

Have a Happy New year peeps and enjoy the imperfections !! 


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