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Monday, December 14, 2015

Winter weekend

Winter has set in, there is a nice chill in the air. Winter along with it gets this cozy vibe about everything, be it, lounging at home reading your favorite book, watching movies, having some winter comfort food. Lazying around at cafes and shopping or exploring winter getaways. 
My weekend was all this and more. 
In short I had a fabulous winter weekend. 
Tada !! have a look -- 

Started the weekend with lazying in bed much. Winter afternoon naps are bliss 💜

Browsing through bookstores is something I can do for hours .... The smell of new paper and colourful rows of books, the characters screaming for attention. Book nerd indeed. 📚📖

The yumminess of a simple Margherita pizza warms any cold evening - simple flavours are the best. 

Love pasta in a creamy sauce (Alfredo mostly) comfort food at its best. 
Dining at my favorite cozy place - Beetroot Bistro. 

On my way for a family outing. No time like family time indeed. True blue family girl at heart. 

The prettiness in rustic beauty. 

Look at these heavenly dollops of pastel pleasure. I am so in love. 💜💛💗🍦🍦

Do not miss the strawberry picking festivals. The time for strawberry harvesting. Most of the strawberry farms are hosting at this time of the year, find one nearest to you. Till then just enjoy biting in these luscious sweetness from the market. 🍓🍓🍓

Some shopping therapy for the soul. ❤️❤️❤️

Corn on the cob on winter nights with a fire to keep you warm and cozy. 

Some rustic simple delicacies - corn cheese pizza and corn pattice 

City lights ... 

And with a full stomach and memories to last long, had a fabulous weekend. 

How was yours ? Write to me and let me know..



  1. Wow. The Pizza looks delicious! What a nice way to spend a winter morning...

    1. Both the pizzas were utterly delicious, can't chose one over other ,, drooling just thinking about them ,,


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