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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 you were really good

It's the last day of 2015 and it feels it just started. For me it's quite hard to believe that the year has actually gone by and how, just in a blink of eye. 
This year will always be special for me more than the others. 
For one it taught me lot of things, it gave and it took and it taught me to stand inspite of it all and be inspired. 
I learnt the magic of achieving dreams and working on them, the magic of creation, the magic of working together. It definitely made my belief stronger in my dreams and aspirations. 
I learnt to say good bye. Forever is nothing, Change it is and it will remain forever. We adapt and we adapt well. 
The fight to survive will only sustain us. 
Love is best in its unconditional form. 
To let go is to grow, let go of my fear, anger, pain, inhibitions. 
By holding on to grudges I torture myself more, so just let go for my own good. 
Patience is understated. 
There is almost nothing and no problem big enough which can't be solved and seen through with patience. 
Waiting through itself gets us out of big hurdles.
Take the leap, you will be amazed how far can you land. 
Overall wellbeing and health is most important - yoga is magic and so is meditation, clean eating is the potion to this magic. 
Last - de clutter - de clutter your life from things you don't need, from people who are not worthy from thoughts which hurt you. Distance yourself from drama. 
Positivity is the solution for a beautiful life. 
Stay simple you don't need things that you think you do. Beauty lies in simplicity. 

This is what I learned in a nutshell. 

2015 made me stronger and definitely grew in the right direction. Thank you so much for all that you have given. 

Bidding you good bye in style - 

Outfit Details 

Dress - Globus 
Jacket - And 
Clutch - Globus 
shoes - catwalk 

Looking forward to 2016. What do you have in store for me ?? 


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