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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bottle love - Home decor

Glass bottles in funky shapes and prints as well as mason jars are a hit. Not only do they appeal visually and very attractive  but also they can be used in a myriad ways and are really attractive.
Home decor is incomplete without these darlings used in some way or the other. 
I myself am going crazy shopping for them and using them for all sorts of purposes. They are so cheerful I just can't stop looking at them and using them for everything possible. I think I have a condition - it's called bottle love ❤️❤️😍. 
Don't believe me, then check yourself - 

I am shopping at Home Town store of Big Bazaar

Pic courtesy - Bhakti Diaries 

There are so many things one can do with these adorable bottles. 
Use them to store milk, serve milk, juices, cocktails, store makeup, sewing kit, gift jars, dessert jars, meal jars, salad, serve cocktails, lemonades, picked vegetables, canning, pastas, pulses, cereals, fruits, chocolates, candies, as vases, as showpieces, as candle holders the possibilities are umpteen just let your imagination run wild. 

Pic courtesy - Pinterest 

How are you using your glass bottles? 
Are you head over heels with these munchkins yet ;) ? ❤️



  1. Just so u know, u get mason jars dirt cheap@ arifs in nanapeth

  2. Hey thanks a lot,, I am definitely checking those out :)
    Please let the info coming ,, you cans share a few pics if you want.

  3. Wow. Thats a great idea. Nice collection of pictures.


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