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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Travel smart and skyscanner

Summer is here and so is the craving for a nice summer vacation. What better time than to start planning for summer trips.

I have certainly started day dreaming about my vacation already and planning everything to the core.
There are so many destinations calling out to me (the temptation) however I have to plan my trip smartly and enjoy it to the fullest.
So many travel sites, travel companies, airlines, hotels are dishing out amazing deals for summer. However it becomes too difficult and time consuming to visit and compare each and every one of them , until I found a gem - skyscanner. Since then I cant stop raving about it.
Skyscanner is the perfect answer to this situation, a leading global travel search site (since 10 years ).
Skyscanner is no 1 travel search engine of EU. Has offices all over the world, offering search results more than 30 languages.
Skyscanner compares  flights on airlines, as well as car hire and hotels and presents you with a best deal searching over thousands of websites. It directly makes a booking with the travel company or airline, without any middlemen thus giving you the best and the lowest price. Sky scanner lets you search and browse prices for the whole year unlike most of the search engines giving you the best quotes.
Skyscanner even alerts you on the best deals, best time to book flights. Now I don't even need to jump windows to convert currency, as skyscanner has multi currency support.
Did I tell you one thing - Skyscanner and all these facilities are Absolutely FREE without any hidden costs, find out more here.
Skyscanner even has Travel features and news, dishing out information on the latest in travel, travel tips, destinations, shopping, food, deals, advice, guide books, travel prizes, contests and much more.
I am never leaving skyscanner ever.
Do you want to see what plans I made with Skyscanner for my summer vacation and how I travelled smartly? here's a peep -
Its a ritual to visit Goa atleast once a year for us.

So its Goa calling. (travel smart with me )
  • decide on your leaves and dates and club as many week offs and holidays as you can so you can save on leave.
  • As soon as I decided my dates I hopped on skyscanner site to book my airline tickets to Goa. Book flight tickets as early as possible to get a good deal. Also select the option of what food you will like on board and save unpleasant incidences. Skyscanner was like a menu card of all airlines and travel sites and it was such a joy to book my flight.
  • Next as soon as my flights were booked, I started hotel hunting on skyscanner to get a good deal. One can even read hotel reviews and ratings on this site simultaneously making it real easy. I got a real good deal and I am all smiles.
  • Next in line was the car hire from skyscanner, according to my preference, I selected the car for airport pick up and drop.
  • I made an itinerary of all the day we are in Goa and all the things we are going to do. Based on this I again hired the car for long distance travel and other things. I was sorted in all my major travel plans.
  • Now the most fun part. Shopping for things I will need on my trip. Well with my destination not much.
  • Goa being shoppers paradise for beach wear and colorful flea markets. I have decided to travel light and visit the flea market next day and shop for my entire stay.
  • Still list of packing for the beach includes- flip flops, sun tan, sarong, beach towels, beach bag, reading material, swim wear, hats, glares, shorts, and light cotton clothes.
  • Check with the airline you are travelling with to see how much luggage is allowed, you don't want to end up paying for extra for no reason.
  • make a travel list - medicines, sanitary ware, mosquito repellent, torch, camera, mobile charger, toiletries, candy, tissues, sanitizer, extra battery, extra camera card.
  • stash cash in different places.
  • day dream about your coming vacation and you are all ready.


Photo credits - Google


A vacation for me doesn't mean splurging money but travelling smartly and managing loads of things with the same amount.
Thanks to Skyscanner I can now travel smartly without any fuss or worries. Its my one stop Travel shop for all my travel needs.

Skyscanner will help me experience all these experiences.....


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