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Friday, March 7, 2014

Meeting over Martinis with

A meeting over Martinis and yummy tasty khana, surprised ? It wouldn't have been any other way. What with the meeting being between Food Adda the lovers of food and the delivers of food.
There wasn't a dearth of conversation nor food at Malaka Spice, thank god it was Friday night and Food adda had a date to keep with team and the founder Shachin Bharadwaj and Sheldon D'souza. an online food ordering service across India ( 8 major cities) Pune being one of those lucky ones and privileged too being the headquarter having 5000 restaurants in their network.
Whatever you want to order and wherever you want to order is at your service. Its massive menu of restaurants at your finger tips. Ordering food has become easier and hassle free than ever before.

No more fretting over restaurants who don't deliver in your area, or searching for numbers of the restaurants who do, menus, prices or for that matter all the restaurants available, different cuisines available. With one doesn't need to bother about any of this anymore. is a one stop portal for all the restaurants tied up with them in the area, delivering food, different cuisine, entire menus with prices and everything that one needs. The service is available through web, tablet and mobile apps like ios, Android and Blackberry.
There are deals and offers also available on which one can avail. It guarantees exact delivery time according to your location. It guarantees refund if you are not satisfied with your order, or do not receive it. They believe in satisfying their hungry customers which is seen amply in their policies. The website is very simple and easy to use. The payment procedure is easy and the entire ordering process is completed in 5 easy steps. One can even track their order.
The team spoke about further additions to their service and their website which are in the pipeline.
They are soon going to come out with calorie counter on particular dishes, health food section, pictures available for specialty dishes, so one can understand or see how they are. Basically they want to give everything and anything to the customer on one platter or should we say at one site with touch of the finger from the comfort of your home.

Meeting over Martini

photo credits Raghav
 Tasty food with
photo credits Raghav

We had a lovely dinner with the team which were a jovial group of people, with some really good ideas and the love to serve people.

This weekend I am having a date with and their food in the comfort of my house and experience their amazing service, which they say once used will hook you on forever. Just like a sentence said by their C.E.O Shachin Bharadwaj- No idea is bad and it is execution that finally matters. (so rightly said) Indeed this execution is seen clearly in and its high standards of work ethics and transparency.

Why not you too try their service and write in to me to tell me how it was.


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