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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Zambar - Hyderabadi Food Festival

Zambar - a name synonymous with the South Indian Coastal cuisine.
An all day fine dine restaurant serving authentic and mouth watering southern specialties taking you on a culinary experience through India’s four Coastal states - Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh, serving traditional home-style food. Zambar is a popular restaurant in Pune and has made its mark in being one of the gastronomical pleasures in the city.
It is definitely one of the favorite restaurants in the city to devour authentic coastal cuisine from down south.
After conquering hearts with delectable cuisine of these 4 states, Zambar now has incorporated and launched royal dishes from the culinary delight - Hyderabad with the Hyderabadi food Festival to the Menu of the restaurant.
We thus jumped with joy on being invited to enjoy Hyderabadi delicacies added to their menu.
Chef Arun has brought selective connoisseur Hyderabadi dishes with the influence of the Nawabs from Lucknow to Pune on our plates.

Chef Arun Kumar ( cuisine and brand head of Zambar)with flavorful Hyderabadi Biryani.

P.S The Hyderabadi Biryani is really mouth watering, must have. 

Wall of Fame, a picture speaks a thousand words.

I love the interior and setting of Zambar, it is rustic and ethnic. I feel connected to the roots. A feeling of calm settles all over. The classical south Indian instrumental music going on in the background, the ripples of waves covering the walls, being seated in big ships with lanterns and soft glowing lights, metal urns and pots, Diyas, plates in the shape of banana leaves. It certainly wouldn't be wrong to say that Zambar does take you on a journey to the southern coast. I felt as if I was seating in a Kerala houseboat having my lunch reminiscing my Kerala vacation.

Just a part of the Menu

I am not a big fan of Rassam, but I always look forward to this welcome drink at Zambar along with Papadam.

The Rassam shot. different and nice.

I enjoyed all the cocktails

Chicken Tikka on tawa.
This beautiful and equally mouth watering dish was not grilled but cooked over the Tawa.
It left us craving for more.
Was done perfectly, well marinated, the chicken was tasty, flavorful, juicy and succulent.
Must try!

Shikhampuri Kebabs.
Flavorful minced mutton Kebabs.

Alu ke Garlay
though tasty its basically Puneri Batata Vada with extra ginger.

Achari Murgh

This dish was really tasty and nice, but it wasn't achari. You wont get the pickled sour taste.
It was good. Must try!

Machi ka Salan

A mustard based gravy consisting of Rawas.
Its like an explosion of flavorful mustard.
Must try for fish and mustard lovers.
Enjoyed this with appams.

Nawabi Kofta Curry

Perfect soft Koftas in Hyderabadi curry we enjoyed it with Malabar Paratha. The base is creamy though not sweet at all
Must Try!

Mirch ka salan

Authentic, a little salty must try with Hyderabadi Biryani

Shahi sweets to complete a meal served to the kings.

Qubani ka Meetha

A dessert made of puree of dried apricots.
It was flavorful, very rich in apricots, not very sweet.

Double ka Meetha.
Deep fried Bread with flavored with sweet syrup and rabdi on top.
I loved this one. Though the bread could have been a little soft. The overall taste was mind blowing. It was a finale dish for the meal.
Must try !

Zambar is always the name and place where I am heading to satiate my southern coastal cravings.
Thanks to Food adda and Zambar, for introducing me to their newly launched Hyderabadi Cuisine state from the kitchens of royal kings and Nizams.Thus Zambar will now be my preferred choice for Hyderabadi cuisine as well.

Rush to Zambar for some mouth watering Hyderabadi cuisine and fall in love with it completely.

020 66890606, 020 66890607

Table Reservation: Recommended                                        
2nd floor
Phoenix Market city,
Viman Nagar,



  1. The biryani was just awesome...

    1. cant differ on this one, was so busy eating and enjoying it, that didn't take a snap of it. :(

  2. Being a foodie,I love this post ..Will visit your blog for more in future :)

    1. I am glad that you liked it, do go through other restaurant reviews on this blog, I hope they would be helpful and entertaining to you

  3. Being a foodie I like this post very much informative:)


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