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Friday, March 28, 2014

Chakhna Menu Launch at Punjab Grill

Chakhna a true Punjabi word for appetizers served along with drinks and beverages(snacks or finger food). Savory , spicy, easy to eat and yummy to devour along with drinks alcoholic or otherwise.(alcoholic mostly ;p). Chakhna is a Punjabi version of Tapas or Bar food.
I love Chakhna, drinks, good music and long chats with friends and family, that's how life is supposed to be enjoyed and lived according to me. Chakhna is for Indians what chicken wings is for Beer lovers across the globe.
Classic Chakhna being Masala Papad, Kebabs, spiced chana and nuts, chips the list goes on.
Desi Chakhna and Videsi Daaru does wonders known alone to the Indians now ;p
How could I ever in my wildest dreams turn down the invitation for the Chakhna Menu Launch at my favorite Punjab Grill by Lite Bite group. Straight from the motherland of Chakhna Punjab itself.
If there is an evening filled with Chakhna and Drink at the finest restaurant who would want to have anything else at all.
I along with my co Food adda team members marched to Punjab Grill in full attendance for the mission Chakhna devouring.
Let me tell you I was really transferred immediately to a laid back Punjabi evening at the fine dining Punjab Grill.
Must say Chef Gurpreet Singh really set some serious Punjabi Mood going with his awesome creations and outdid himself.
It was a small gathering at the terrace seating, along with other food bloggers and connoisseurs.
The setting was charming, Honey Singh's Punjabi tracks charged up the ambience and left me wondering about an amazing fun filled evening waiting ahead.

The table mats had a design of deck of cards which added further to the laidback ambience.

The Chakhna Menu Card waiting to be explored

A never ending journey of some Chakhna delights and Drinks.
Can anything else top this ? I think not.

Our Foodadda table all set for a long crazy night.

The Classic arrives first --
Papad Peanut Masala Platter
Simple and classic Chakhna at its best.
I nibbled on it all through till the end.
I loved the way it was presented, like the small chana jor garam available at the street side in paper cones.

Jheenga Chowk ki tikki.
Not my kinds, found it bland.
Alu tikki stuffed with prawns mixture and deep fried.

Here comes the drinks.
Pineapple Thandai.
Very nice Mocktail, refreshing and cooling served in style in a brass lota

Food adda enjoying the Band Baja Te Whisky.
Ringing in the bhopu when you receive your drink.

I loved my drink -
Rasbhari Margarita
it consisted of
Cape Gooseberry, sugar syrup, black salt, Tequila.
made an amazing concoction.
You could get a nice sweet salty flavor along with your tequila.

Ganne ka Juice Margarita
Sugar cane juice, mint, black salt, ginger, lemon juice, tequila.
Must for sugar cane juice lovers.

Ambarsari Machchi with Desi Aloo chips
served in authentic desi style.
Full of robust desi flavors, nicely marinated, soft and spicy. loved this one.

Fondue with a twist.
Cheese Fondue with Mathri
The combination was really tasty and went very well along with drinks(any kinds)

Kurkuri with imli chutney
My favorite
crispy spring rolls on the outside filled with cheese on the inside.
so very comforting
Mutton ki boti served in olden istri.
Mutton marinated in khada masala, well cooked and juicy.
I liked

unnamed (6)
Tandoori Kukkad wings
This was the best. I love wings. the best accompaniments to drinks.
These were perfect. Juicy, a little spicy and tangy. Crispy and just too yum.
Highly recommended.
Chicken Kheema with fryums.
Childhood revisited.


Anda tawa rice
right from the street side menu.
The anda tawa rice was flavorful and juicy topped with sev chiwda.
It was perfect.

nothing else could have completed this meal other than
Mele Ki Chuski
Vodka with different flavors.

A platter of chuskis with different flavors

My favorite.
The best of all.
Orange chuski

Me slurping on the vodka chuski and enjoying it thoroughly
Vodka orange chuski recommended

Punjab grill got the streets of Punjab right at Phoenix market city for us to enjoy.
I had awesome Punjabi time. Loved it all. A big Jhappi to Punjab Grill and Food adda India for the invitation.
The festival is still going on, so all you desi at hearts like me .. enjoy the desi food along with some videsi daru and steal some moments of laidback fun with your near and dear ones. I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Last but not the least - cheers to Punjab Grill and the entire team for such an amazing concept, food, fun , presentation and an entire power packed Punjabi Punch in all the dishes and drinks. They sure make you revisit childhood with fond memories.

Punjab Grill
S-51, Phoenix Marketcity, Phoenix Boundary Rd, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra
020 6689 0610

 P.S - If you would like me to visit your property to review and write about it, I would be happy to do so (restaurants, travel, hotels)


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