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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My favorite shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is no doubt a shoppers paradise, shopping is a day- night activity and everyone who visits this place has their personal favorites. (Read more about Bangkok shopping)
I too have my personal favorite shopping places in this heaven for shopping.
Let me take you through my best and must shopping places to visit whenever in Bangkok.

Whenever shopping in markets or malls, do carry shopping trolleys, you will be thankful later on after having bought bags and bags of goodies.( it sure becomes difficult to carry all the bags around)
Shopping trolleys are easily available everywhere. One can get a good deal in the Pratunam market.
Most of these markets and malls have maps available free of charge for easy accessibility, do utilize them, It sure makes the experience comfortable.
Wear comfortable clothes and footwear, carry loads of change and stay hydrated.
HAGGLE - must


Pratunam  Market
Its a maze of small alleys criss crossed and jam packed with vendors selling different variety of goods, clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories at wholesale prices.  Prices are very cheap, and most shops offer retail prices for single pieces.

Pratunam city complex
AC version of Pratunam market, a respite from heat surely however do not expect same prices as that of the market out on the road. Plenty of fashionable clothing and shoes. There are a few jewelry and crafts shops, as well as cosmetic stores are located within.

Indra Square
you will get really good deals and a good variety. Only a few minutes walk from Pratunam Wholesale Market, the Indra Square consists of several floors with hundreds of small shops selling from children clothing, men and women fashion wear, to accessories.

Baiyoke Towers :
another good shopping mall in this area

Platinum Fashion Mall 
Platinum Fashion Mall - a AC version of the Chatuchak Weekend Market. I prefer this any day over Chatuchak market. really good quality products, the rates are higher than the markets but then you really get a very nice quality. However one does find a lot of sale deals and whole sale deals too. Do check the garments bought on sale for defects and holes.
Do visit both the buildings of Platinum mall.



All these shopping places are a walking distance from each other. (located very close by)
I prefer to shop at this one place rather than going to Chatuchak which is really far and I think over hyped. one does get some lucky deals at Chatuchak, but I find it expensive and more touristy and over priced. A must watch for first timers, being the biggest market and all. Other than that I would give it a miss.

MBK mall
A must visit for all the mobile and camera accessories, you do get lovely souveneirs, silk and some really good deals. Dvds, gadgets, accessories, food courts everything over here is really good. Also spas to relax the tired soul and it is connected to BTS directly.
It also houses Warehouse and Tokyo departmental store.

Branded clothes at knock out prices. Do check for defects as many of them are factory rejects but you will surely get some good ones. Warehouse is there in most of the malls like MBK, Terminal 21, Big C etc.

Pink Pvssy
My one stop shop for all my accessories and likes. They have an amazing collection at really good prices. They have outlets all over Bangkok. Spotting Pink Pvssy wont be a difficult job at all. Must visit.

Pink Pvssy @Kad Suan Kaew' photos

 just a small glimpse ;p

These are my favorite places to shop when in Bangkok.
What about yours?
Do share them with me, I would love to hear all about these shopping secrets of yours.

Happy shopping :)




  1. Wow... u seem to love shopping :)

    1. Absolutely, it's my favourite.. Instant happiness;p

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