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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hair play made possible

You never know what every new day has in store for us, and what feelings it stirs up.
Today morning still lying in bed I was browsing and came across this amazing video by #DovePlay. The song just made up my day, if you haven't seen it, please have a look. I saw that video more than a couple of times. Something just touched me.


The Dove play video stirs a lot of emotions, since childhood, for a girl especially, her hair is her crown. She plays with it like a friend, keeps rolling them in her finger when in some deep thought as if talking to a friend. She keeps stroking them without knowledge, as if just to get that confidence, their strength. The hair is her mysterious beauty, a naughty secret, a lucky charm, flirting weapon, innocent hide out and much more.
Hair has been with us, changing with us, our mood, our age, our different phases marching ahead in life hand in hand. So it has always been, my journey with my hair. My Hair is an extension of who I am. It gives away my personality, its a window to my soul. Companion, confidence booster. Yes hair indeed plays so many roles in our life. And for every role it can't be always the same. I, myself have had so many different hair days depending on my phases - red hair, blonde hair, curly hair, I love to color my hair, cut them, mold them the way I want to, always leave them open no matter what. Changing the hair color and hairstyle gives a different look instantly and how I love to adore myself in the mirror(humble brag ).
However these days I restrain from coloring my hair and trying too many things on it. The ever changing hair color has indeed left its traces, my long silky soft dark brown locks, have thinned a lot, they have lost their shine and have become brittle and the worse of all they have started prematurely greying. Thus finally ending my adorable play sessions with my hair, its like killing one part of me. I feel stunted, my beauty feels restricted cause I cannot play with my hair and have a look of my choice.
Thanks to the Dove video, I got my lost confidence back and I am all ready to color my hair again without being worried of the effects. Dove promises protection of hair surface from damage caused by heating and coloring, with regular use. Its like suddenly I can dance all over, I got my freedom back. The liberty to play with my hair, how I missed it.
I got up from my bed with renewed and extra love for my hair. Let me tell you, I love my hair like crazy, but which girl doesn't then ;p I started pampering my hair to the hilt, applying hot oil massage and then a long soaking bath, where I completely pampered my tresses with Dove shampoo. Gave them such tender and soft brushing after drying them nicely, a little blow dry. The entire day I was just gazing at my lovely locks in the mirror and feeling so proud and mesmerized.

The range of Dove advanced care products (hair therapy)help you with specially treated hair. it takes care of hair coloring problems, damaged hair due to hair treatments, pollution etc.

Dove Elixir - Dryness CareDove Intense Repair ShampooDove Intense Repair Treatment Mask
Thanks Dove for giving my love a healthy dose of renewed energy and safeguarding it from all play and work. I owe it to you Dove


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