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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Olive Bistro - A Rustic Charm

Welcome to the world of rustic charm, of Olive Bistro. No sooner than you set foot in this quaint place, one is transferred to the Mediterranean and Italian countryside with its picturesque small cafes. Each and every corner of this place has a story waiting to be unfolded. Its like a painters palette ready to explode its colors on the canvas.
The art, the ambience, every nook is so different and unique in itself, yet blends together so well in harmony as if to form a masterpiece. Everything over here is in perfect existence.
The ambience and the place is just love at first sight, sheer magical romance.
I fell in love with this place head over heels and can just keep going back for the ambience but make no mistake, till now I was just adoring the picture perfect beauty of this place.
After indulging myself in their exclusive food, I am loss at what to rate higher - the place or the food ?
The food over here is just art in every form. It just doesn't add to but enhances the sheer opulence of this place.
Have a glimpse and believe it yourself...

Rustic Romance

 A serene place indeed.
Now over to the food --

The food is here -- Heavenly, delicious and comforting..
Thanks to Chef Noah Barnes the competition between the food and ambience is a tough one.
Lets just conclude we are the winners receiving a big beautiful package of both.
L to R
Roast Carrot & Dill Soup and Minestrone soup
The hot soups arrive making us ever so hungry.
The Minestrone soup was nice clear and full of Italian flavors and loaded with fresh vegetables.
Perfect for a lazy winter afternoon.
However my favorite was the Carrot and Dill soup. The soup was so creamy and had a very pleasant taste. It just was so comforting to sip in it. A amazing creation. RECOMMENDED

Fresh Mandarin Mojito
A wonderful cocktail on a lazy afternoon -Bacardi Superior, Fresh Mandarin, Macerated Lemon, Mint & Fizz 
Just relaxes you and welcomes the weekend.

L to R
Red Wine Poached Pear Salad,Lemon Grass martini, Slow Roast Stuffed Chicken

My favorite among the above being the salad-
the taste of the poached sweet pear with a slightly citrus taste finished with buttery aged Gorgonzola.
It was so simple and fresh. RECOMMENDED

Beetroot Risotto Vs Risotto Milanese

A sinful duet of beetroot and saffron risotto with parmesan cheese and winter veggies on the side.
A true treat to the taste buds.
One can just go on relishing the amazing combination of both the risottos. I fell in love.

Saffron Polenta & Ratatouille Construct
Doesn't it look just so fresh
saffron & Thyme Polenta With Ratatouille Finished With A Gorgonzola & Mushroom Sauce.
Though I am not a Polenta lover, the Polenta fans will enjoy it.

Smoked Chicken & Wild Mushroom Lasagna
This is something I love now-  comfort food at its best.
Indeed it was more cheesy than it appears.
the flavors of the parmesan, mushrooms and smoked chicken inter mingled and created a perfect dish not to be missed. RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED

 Oregano Scented Indian Rawas
Not a fish eater, so I can give this a miss.
I loved the creamy sauce though- the creamy bouillon sauce.

Now you are about to embark on the heavenly creations named as Tiramisu

A classic concoction. Perfectly Italian, home made Lady finger.
Perfect for lovers on a date. A sinful jar for two.
layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and brandy,powdered chocolate and cheesy
Creamy to the core.
The best thing about the meal.
RECOMMENDED 100 times.

Magnificent Macaroons
5 Signature Flavors 
Lemon, Orange Cointreau, vanilla bean, Red currant, Hazelnut  
Must try, I Loved the Red, chocolate the best.

L to R

Shivam, Farzana, Bhakti, Chef Noah Barnes, Roxanne, Bhakti S
Food adda along with Tinytaster and chef

I found my very own corner, all smiles :)

This place is sheer grandeur, romance in the true rustic form.
Thank you Olive Bistro for presenting us this opportunity to discover this gem of a place.
Thanks to Roxanne Bamboat of the Tiny Taster fame who took us through this amazing journey with her expertise on Olive Bistro, we -The Food adda group had a lovely afternoon and a grand tasty lunch.
Good food, conversation, company and ambience- I indeed found heaven.

Do visit this place and experience Olive Bistro.

Olive Bistro @OliveBistroPune
Thank you @bhakti000 @Bhakti_Lfstylr @FarzanaMukhtiar @WastedFellow for joining us yesterday. We hope to see you again soon! - 06 Mar
Poona Club: The Olive Bistro, 6 Bund Garden Road, Pune 411001. T: +91 7709048228.



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