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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mahabaleshwar Must Eats

Mahabaleshwar is one of the  favorite hill stations of Maharashtra. Everyone around the neighbouring cities just needs a reason and an opportunity to visit it. I myself am no different, we always end up heading to Mahabaleshwar whenever time permits as its the perfect destination. Justly loved by all for all the right reasons- colonial houses, old world charm, dense green forests, serene and calm, climate, pleasant throughout the year and last but not the least in any way FOOD. Mahabaleshwar has some amazing food to offer. Everyone has their personal favorites in Mahabaleshwar. Right from the quaint cafes, Gujrati Thalis, Road side joints, Irani food, Mughlai Kebabs, Simple Maharashtrian meals, Pizzas, Rustic fare as well as local produce, Mahabaleshwar has something to satiate everybodies tastebuds.
Let me share mine with you. So fasten your seatbelts as I take you on culinary journey in Mahabaleshwar.

1st pit stop on my way to Mahabaleshwar has to be, every single time indeed -

Hilltop Ice cream ( located in the market of Panchgani. )
Main Street | Near Shivaji Statue, Panchgani, India
It is so famous, ask anyone in Panchgani and you will be led in the right direction. It is here since 1970. They have renovated recently, but the taste remains the same, delicious creamy, home made fresh ice creams. Its like one of those small town treats that you can never get in cities. They have an amazing range of flavors, some being green chilli and gulkand to name a few. Very reasonably priced.
My personal favorite remain- luscious mango and fresh strawberry. One is never enough over here. Must have and start your trip for Mahabaleshwar .


76, Dr Sabane Road, Mahabaleshwar                           
Just before the entrance of Mahabaleshwar you are greeted by a place overcrowded with people all the time. Welcome to Bagicha. Such is the popularity of this place that no trip to Mahabaleshwar is complete without having their strawberry with cream which is so sinful and amazingly delicious. Tall glass of whipped cream along with fresh strawberries and ice creams is what you will see on all the tables. Must must must have. This concoction is heaven and makes the trip awesome. They serve simple food and snacks and have other variety of milk shakes being Mango with cream, chocolate, mulberry and the likes. The food is simple, tasty and of excellent quality.
Do order the corn pattice to nibble on while having your shake. Other dishes too are really tasty and mouthwatering. especially having their plate of hot pakoras and corn pattice in rain. Service though is a bit slow taking in account the huge number of crowds. As soon as you seat yourself you will be gazing at pictures of celebrities from different fields having fun and strawberry with cream at Bagicha. They also provide amazing chicken gravy only made by prior order- 1kg. Its really yummy and mouthwatering with home made flavors, apt if you are in a group. Otherwise the simple veg meals too are rustic, good quality and tasty, do try the makai sabzi.



Lucky Bakery
Sadana Road, Main Market, Mahabaleshwar
Located in the main Market of Mahabaleshwar. Lucky bakery is always filled with old patrons for a good cup of refreshing Tea. One can enjoy their breakfast or tea at this old Quaint joint. This place gives the vibes of the olden days Mahabaleshwar with its old interiors and really old chairs and tables.. One can gorge on Bun Mhaska Chai or fluffy and tasty omelets.

82, Dr Sabane Road, Mahabaleshwar
Located in the main market in Mahabaleshwar, a little further from Lucky bakery.
The wafts of yummy kebabs and tandoor fill your srnses as soon as you near this place.
This small eatery dishes out some really good Mughlai and Punjabi delicacies.
Kheema pav and Burji pav at Amans is a must along with the pahadi kebabs and tandoori kebabs with butter naan. I love my lunch at Aman, they even have a branch near Bagicha.

Mapro Garden
Panchgani-Mahabaleswar Road | gureghar, Mahabaleshwar 412805, India
Mapro is known by all and needs no introduction. The pizzas and sandwiches over here are just too good. Even though I am full, I make it a point to parcel some for the journey to Pune. Fresh fruit with cream is another favorite. A good place to do your shopping of slushes, syrups and jams until your order for your favorite pizza is ready.
photo credit Tripadvisor

Hotel Regal, Hotel Bharat and Hotel Rajesh serve good 'Gujarati thali'.

Apart from this, do try the Mamas and baba chana, chickis, fudges, as well as the local grown strawberries and corn products and fresh fruits. The slushes and syrups from Malas as well as Mapro.
If you love some Gavran food you wont be disappointed as plenty of places serve rustic food and thalis along with Kombdi vade a Maharashtrian Gavran delicacy. Slurrp on the golas vailable in the market while shopping. Or munch on the colorful carrots and radishes when on the lake. The shanties across the lake dish out some yummy fare along with good refreshing Tea. Buy some fresh Honey in the Market.

Enjoy the Mahabaleshwar food trail ;p
If you have any other joints to share with us, to write in to me, and I will definitely publish it on the blog.



  1. The strawberry and cream looks yummilicious! Made my mouth water :)

    1. That's my favourite part of Mahabaleshwar trip always.


  2. Thank you for providing information about various places. It's really amazing. Keep sharing :)


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