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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back 2 Back Movie date and Movie review

A back to back movie date idea can be really romantic. Don't believe me ? Imagine sharing pails of popcorn and warm coffee cups in hand. All ready to embark on the move adventure. Gushing sweet nothings into each others ears. Forgetting the world for this fantasy world. Holding hands getting transferred to far off romantic places, feeling the emotions. Cozily leaning against each other in a light hug. I think this genuinely is romance at one of its best. A very good date idea.
This weekend this is exactly what we did. Saw two back to back movies.
here's how they fared-

Shaadi ke Side Effects.

This movie should be more aptly called - Baby ke Side Effects.
I myself didn't completely relate with the movie or feel it, however we did enjoy the movie and had loads of fun. The punches, humor, real life situations do make you laugh.
Vidya Balan for a change looks smart in western wear in a casual avatar. One can take fashion tips from the movie for the curvy figure. Her acting skill remain perfect as ever. She does complete justice to the character.
However Farhan Akhtar stole the show away for me at least. Great comic timing, poker face humor, bechara act and the sheer emotions that he got to the screen.
Must watch for a hearty laugh for all couples.


This movie belongs to Alia Bhatt completely, no doubt about it. The simple innocent, well mannered girl trapped inside the high society is perfectly justified by her. She puts herself so much in character, you can actually feel for Veera. The stark difference between rich and poor is shown with honesty.
The movie takes you a journey to experience rustic, beautiful, mesmerizing and un spoilt locales of India. Randeep Hooda does his job effortlessly. I really like the way the movie is shot and directed. I cried with Veera and laughed with her too.
Liked this movie more than Shaadi ke side effects.

A snapshot of what I wore --

Enjoy both the movies



  1. Nice one. Back to back movies are really a great idea, and when you are going for a date, nothing can stop making it a romantic one, especially when you are watching Shadi ke Side Effects as first one :)


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