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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hello March ...

Hi Guys, how are you all?
I am good and I know I have been kind of MIA in Feb. As you all know Feb is my favorite month and I was busy celebrating myself 😍😉
However that wasn't the only reason to keep me busy there was more.
As elections were there in this month and I coming from a political family was doing my bit. Now even if that was bot the case I still believe its we who bring the change. Hats off to the leaders for baring it all and wearing the weather and all the pressure and stress and still being there out for us guys .. let me tell you being a leader is no easy job .. lots to sacrifice ... that's if its the right kind of leader.
I did whatever I could and which was not too much, being the delicate darling that I am. I did less and fell ill more ... thanks to the extreme heat ... coming back to that in some time. However it was all worth it in the end.
Coming back to the heat ... March is here...

Hello March !! 

Hello Spring ........ 🍁
The poetry that nature does ... Orange ink of budding flowers on the blue hues of unending notes of sky.... the brawny brown holding them together at their respective places ..
How beautiful are you .....  I Love the flaming Buds against the clear blue skies.... don't you ?

Btw we were facing extreme temperature since Feb. I really don't know what summer holds for us this time ...
I am keeping my fingers crossed but going by the looks of it .. it looks like one harsh one coming for us ...
For that I kinda prepared myself a bit .. Hold your breath - some of you must have seen it in my birthday celebrations video

 which was fab by the way however for those who don't know - I chopped my hair before my Birthday and I went shortest ever since the time i started growing my hair long from my boy cut ( that's a long story for some other time).
Lots of people were shocked on my decision of going so short after having such a long mane but me being me ( rebel )
I go like my hair my way ... it will grow back eventually .. why stress so much ... its just hair ... and its one life ... do whatever you want... hai na 🤗
So here's my new look ...
The day I cut my hair...



Do you like it ? 
I feel it gives an edge. I like it, it has so many pros especially easy to manage and maintain ( I oil my hair more regularly now) however honestly i do miss my long mane... 
I don't regret my decision at all though, I am enjoying my short hair till they last which already have started growing. 

On another note ... March has already begun and I Love summer for the summery holiday vibes, long balmy nights, cool drinks, vacations, mangoes, nimbu paani, beaches, picnics and many of my favorite things.

Summer also means cool vibrant tones as well as pastels, big tropical and fun prints.
Comfort at its best. 

First thing i did was to change my nail paint and I just wanted to go a bit pastel a bit less bright.

I chose the last shade by Nyc .
May be i should apply another coat. 

Next time i will go for a bright summer shade but the summer definitely started on shimmery summer pastels. 

Talking about summer favorites. No sooner than summer arrived I pulled another gem out of the treasure trove. 

I was feeling a bit ... a lot low today .. so i whipped up a tall glass of Lassi sweet curd smoothie topped with some malai ( cream) and removed another jewel from my shelf .... I enjoyed the lassi and let the magic of Bond work wonders on my soul... and it sure did ... within minutes of getting lost in this treasure the umpteenth time... the words just soothed me and i never knew when i enveloped into dreams and napped like a baby ... The charm of Ruskin Bond ...
The power of the small little favorite things working wonders ... Do what you like ... what you love ... even if its the small little things .. for life is one big chapter made up of these small little simple things ...
 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 #theseareafewofmyfavouritethings
Summer is made up of these Ruskin Bond stories don't you feel so .. 

There is so much to catch up with you guys .. but I don't want to bombard everything at one go... lets keep loads of stuff for future. 
For today I guess this will suffice.

Until we meet again.

Enjoy the summer and stay hydrated.

I so love to talk to you guys. ❤❤❤


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