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Monday, March 20, 2017

Baraza Launch and Butterfly shoes...

The newest watering hole in Pune. 
 And we were there for the launch. 
Stunning place with island vibes.. 
Beautiful ambience, loved the drinks and the food was on point. The music just kept us swaying to the beats. 
You should definitely give this place a try. 
Till then check ours out.

This is what I wore to the launch. 
A simple clean cut dress goes a long way. I love the minimilastic designs. Paired it up with a statement neckpiece from Globus and wedges ( I am so not comfortable in stilettos, give me wedges any time of the day). 
You can check out other LBD looks.

Had an awesome time dancing the night way.

Certainly did love the ambience, indoor section with vibrant blues. 
The outdoor had a relaxed vibe and certain calmness to it. 

Had a fun time can't wait to get back to the dance floor with some mean drinks and those juicy prawns that we went crazy for. 

Check out the madness ... 

On that note ..... 

After letting my hair down and partying wild.. the wanderer in me ... just wanted to be and travel ... which makes my heart dance with glee..
So here I was roaming on the outskirts in brick kilns and cement (jharoka) shops on the highways ... I really don't know what they are called. They make and sell at the same place .. and it is art .. art just surrounds us, one needs to just open the eyes and see with the right perspective. Everything is so beautiful, if you want it to be. The process of immersing the done pieces and keeping them in water so that they harden enough ... so pretty ... the whole view.

So here I was with butterflies on my feet. Just apt na for me ... for the girl who always wants to fly free.. with colours dancing beside she ... 
I got these from Koovs and they are so comfortable and pretty. Don't you think so ? 

From where I stand I see everything with a beautiful trance. .... 

Oh my darling butterfly shoes,  fly me around to sunshine, flowers and more... 

For this little wandering heart never sits still,, always looking out for new valleys and hills... 


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