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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Be Your Sunshine

Sometimes I find myself too crazed out. I get psyched at almost every small thing (don't even talk about the big ones ). Sometimes I feel I give too much and expect the same in return from people and then I feel that's not asking for lot, is it ?
In reality nobody asks me to give and even if they do it's my choice, so why expect anything at all in return ? It's not that I do stuff for them keeping in mind something in return. I don't honestly. In the end it does hurt though and makes things complicated, creates misunderstanding and not a very healthy relationship (So not good ).
I have a simple policy where material things are concerned I don't like to take anything from anyone neither give. I sometimes wonder should it be same in the aspect of feelings and the amount of efforts you invest in people. Cause I have realized one thing in so many years you never get the equal of what you give and it's pointless expecting.
But then again if I become like others what's the difference. However, life will certainly be that much easier and simpler. No expectations and expectations certainly and predominantly are the root cause of complications. So in order to uncomplicate things and be happier and not brood or sulk with people for not putting in the same efforts, I have decided to invest double the efforts in myself and be happier rather than wait for others to make me happy.
Be the cause for your happiness. Be your own sunshine and the world will certainly glitter like Gold.
I am going to give this a try. It's going to be a lot of effort but I am certainly trying this.
What do you guys think ?
The outfit is from one of the days I felt all girly (tomboy that i am - give me some comfy shorts at any point and i will be a happy bunny )and decided to dress for spring.

Top - Lifestyle (better) 
Skirt -Limeroad (similar skirt) 
Shoes - catwalk (better)  
Earrings - H&M 
Bracelets - Annies scarves and more (facebook)

Let's see how this try goes... 
Until we meet again. 
Be your Sunshine 🌞🌞🌞


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