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Monday, March 6, 2017

Small Doses of Eternity

Hi Guys... here I am. This again is a last minute post ( all for being organized ) but then this is how I am, living spontaneously. I don't like to force myself to do things I don't want to with my whole heart. Half hearted things are just mundane, don't you think, they miss the heart of it all...
As of now I am just day dreaming (nothing New now) of a vacation. It's been a while since I went on a soul satisfying, full fledged vacation ( my definition of vacation is quite different) but then again vacation needs to make you happy .. So you can only term the trip that really makes you happy as a vacation. There is more criteria to it but for now just let's leave it at that, shall we.
I really need a holiday, a long break to just be, without worrying about anything at all.
To forget everything and discover new, to get lost in nature, to learn about new cultures, meet people I don't know at all, enjoy new cuisines, give time to myself, relax and rejuvenate my body and brain, to make new memories.
However as of now there is no vacation on cards but lots of work and that unsettles me cause my heart just wants to wander...
The heart wants what it wants ... the brain does its job constantly of telling it about the importance of work and finishing and starting what needs to be done. Life can't be one big vacation ( how I wish it was but then the charm would have been lost or would it? Cause there is so much to see and learn ... anyhow)
What needs to be done has to be done... the problem is the constant struggle of balance between the heart and the mind ... Where no ones a winner and the balance is lost from time to time ...
I guess the magic is not constant balance but striving for it ... Life happens in these slips ...
On that note ... a memory from a recent day trip ... how I love to get lost in nature ... Let my self just be and enjoy the spell cast on me ...
These small doses of eternity ...

What I wore

Denims - Levis
Top - Bangkok ( I love this top, so light and comfortable)
Bag - Esbeda
Shoes - Koovs
Hand band - Vero Moda
Glares - Forever 21

It was an awesome trip and I felt so happy and alive.
The day trip gave me an instant boost...another one is required urgently though. Travel has my heart ❤❤

You can check out the entire trip here, I promise you won't be disappointed ... 😁😎

Until we meet again ... 


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