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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I am a Country Girl


Let's start from here, should we?

This song is my favorite. I heart it, with all my heart, gets a smile instantly to my face and I am all happy and gay. Lusting for some country life. 

Beautiful winding roads with big trees laden with fruits which keep spreading on the horizon, till your eyes can take it all. Clear blue sky stretching above you and green carpets of grass to sleep on with cool breeze singing a lullaby.  
Gurgling streams to drink in and clear azure lakes and rivers to take a dip. 
The fragrance of freshness of meadows wafting. 
These simple joys of life, of a country life. 
Cozy cottages and houses, no gadgets to distract, just pure nature, stress free life, wholesome food, real values. 
I am sorted, country girl by heart. 
My heart sings with joy whenever I am amidst nature, away from the city life. 
It allures me, keeps calling me. 
One day I will certainly go to the simpler way of life, to the simple joys. I really believe in living it simple. One day I will certainly be a Country Girl. 

Till then I satisfy myself with small trips to the countryside to keep me sane from the craziness of the fast paced city life. 

On one such day, monkeying around. 

These huge shady trees. 

Hubby challenged me to swing on the branches. 

I couldn't swing to save my life, the very best I managed was the run for the swing. 🙈😐😶☹️

Hubby dear showing me how it is done after having a hearty laugh. 

Until next time, I am definitely learning to swing. 🐵

Outfit Details 

Jeggings - vero moda
Top - Lifestyle
Shoes - Thailand 
Sweater - High Street 
Glares - Vera moda 



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