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Monday, February 29, 2016

Girly things, what are they ?

Coffee and conversations just blend in together and when you are having coffee with your friends there is no dearth of either one.
Over the weekend I had coffee with friends and we sat for ages talking about myriad topics under the sky. We were generally discussing vacationing and the topic of how girls have their girly traits and are not ideal partners for vacation and a guys trip is more fun at any given time came up. I think most of us have this notion and many other notions on girly things or what girls do. 
My guy friends mentioned about how girls are not that spontaneous and take eons to get ready and till that time the time to do something has passed. 
They also said that how girls are more needy and demanding. They are picky and do not adjust. They complain and are dramatic. 
I begged to differ big time. 
I think these qualities and attributes are not particular for any one gender, they are mixed human qualities. They ain't necessarily girly attributes. 
This stuff is basically more stereotyped by society. We grew up in a world where girls and boys were and in many places are still being brought up with values which in future make for their attributes. It's the society that drills these attributes and then it's the society that again tags them on to any one gender. 
Example- it's girly to cry, girls were/are told to sit/stand/behave in respecting ways, take more time to be presentable and well groomed at all times, being perfect, being delicate, always listening to others, respecting others more, asking for your needs. Where as boys are the decision makers, the tough ones, indestructive, breadwinners, never to cry and so on. 
I am sure you got my drift by now. 
I am sure we won't raise our children this way in today's time.
But all this was imposed and then tagged on as being any one kind of traits related to that gender. We were taught these things. However in today's world where there is so much of knowledge, so much of exposure, so much independence, do these things hold true? Do these tags and brackets justifying our personalities and gender hold true? 
I see men crying, being sensitive, caring, understanding, so is this a man being girly? 
I know guys who bitch and gossip more than girls, so is that not normal for them? 
Couples earn equally, I know some who earn less than their wife, so is that a big deal? 
Men today give importance to their appearance, take time to get ready and are well groomed at par with women and sometimes even better than them. Is that girly? 

Women are earning, independent. Can go on solo trips and are actually loving the idea. They are chilled out. I know so many women, who are just spontaneous and wild. I, myself love to live in the moment. So all these traits ain't girly, so these women are boyish, are they? Women are the most adjusting creatures I have ever seen, put them anywhere and they will survive. 

It is so wrong to characterise a person based on his gender. Everyone has different traits and qualities those which are unique to that person and that doesn't necessarily make it girly or not. 
It depends on the nature of a person whether that person is picky, demanding, complaining, taking more time to get ready infact today's woman doesn't have the gift of time in her hand as she is always multitasking and gets ready in a jiffy, again this doesn't go for all and neither does taking eons to get ready goes for all. Basically we can't keep everyone in the same bracket. One doesn't fit for all and all don't fit in one. 

Girls today are going on bike trails from one state to another and even beyond. They are mountaineers, they love offbeat trips. They are boho travellers. They love to explore and are pretty good at it. 
One can't say that all guy trips are more fun and girls spoil them. 
I don't deny that every person has different definition of fun. 

But one secret which isn't a secret is 


ending on a light note. 

Outfit details 

Top - courtesy limeroad 
Denims- Levi's 
Accessories- Pink pvssy 
Glares - Forever 21 
Shoes- Catwalk 
Bag - Lifestyle 

Cheers and sunshine to all. 
Until next time. 


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