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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tiny tattoos for beginners.

Tattoos are a rage these days. Most of the younger generation sport tattoos and it has become a fascination, a growing cult, a status symbol. Everyone wants to get one just to be in the race or to be perceived as cool.
However, do give it a thought. It's permanent. It's a commitment for life. You will have to live with it forever unless you want to get it removed which is far more painful and expensive. Another most important point is-
Tattoos are strong representation of you, of the person you are. They are symbols of your beliefs and speak volumes about the owner. Do give it a long thought, they are important. They signify a lot. 
On a lighter note - 
Tiny tattoos are so cute, first step towards getting one done, they symbolise a lot in a tiny space. They are ideal for beginners, one can start off with them. 

Pictures courtesy - Google 

Laurel - symbolises triumph, its branches were used in Ancient Rome to make crown warriors, scholars, nobles for their triumphs and accomplishments. 

Birds and feathers symbolise freedom. 

Om is the essence, it represents divine. 

A passion to travel. 

Love representations and symbols. 

Quotes, initials, dates, events, words, symbols, passions make meaningful tattoos. 

There are myriad possibilities and many ideas, however a perfect tattoo is one with lot of thought process and which is meaningful to you and will stay important throughout your life. You should feel that joy, happiness everytime you look at that tattoo through your journey of life. 

Some other things I would like to point out here. 
Choosing a tattoo is the first step. 
The other important steps being - 
Go to a trusted tattoo artist, who has experience. There are many stories of tattoos going bad with amateur tattoo artists. 
Make sure that the tattoo artist uses new needles, and the complete process is hygienic. 
Tattoos do pain, so have a word with the tattoo artist, as to what areas are the most painful. 
After the tattoo is done, follow the instructions to the T given by the artist for tattoo care. 
Many people to experience mild fever after you get a tattoo which is ok. Some blood and pus can also be experienced by a few. 

I hope this post was useful, do share your tattoo tales or any other information with us. 

Happy Tattoo making !! 


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