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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Birthday Shenanigans

Birthdays are always special to me. I go all out and crazy for birthdays, including mine.
In my childhood my mother use to buy me all new clothes for the D day and we use to celebrate with a cake with family and friends, it was kind of a tradition.

The tradition still continues I need to doll my self with all new things and yes then I feel like a birthday girl and yes the loved ones need to be there with all the jing bang.
Birthdays make you feel so good, there is something so electric in the air. 
I love to spend my birthday with my near and dear ones and just can't help grinning throughout the day.

A year older, a year wiser, welcoming a new decade, I decided to spend my Birthday this year giving smiles and making everyone happy. It's not the first time that I did something like this but indeed the first time I decided to share it with everyone.

We always say that you should do the good deed and never tell. No one should even know that a good deed was done, as it's not for showing off or being conceited, it's about doing your bit and feeling good. I beg to differ, isn't that being secretive and keeping the happiness just to our-self.
Let everyone know, let the happiness spread, let people join in , the good spread and multiply, let there be more smiles and hearts full of gratitude for giving and receiving. Gratitude for the being.
If we can be the inspiration or motivation for others or give ideas and share ideas, then why not ? Lets share, lets tell, lets make a difference, lets make the world a better place, lets be better humans.
So this is how my birthday went.

Made sandwiches for the homeless. Felt so nice as this made for lunch for so many homeless dotting the city streets. 

A quick trip to the mart. 

All ready for our next pit stop -Maher - home for orphan kids and women. 
On enquiring they told me any kind of food products, grains are most welcome.

The kids playing. 

Next stop on the list - Blue Cross. Contributed in the form of food. 

They just want love and affection. 

Birthday well spent. Birthday girl all happy and grinning. 
One gets so much peace after seeing smiles on others faces. Giving has got certainly more happiness and power than receiving. A little bit of effort towards society. Giving back to the universe, to the society, to life in whatever way I can. It definitely makes a positive impact and it really makes you feel good and fulfilled. The happiness is unparalleled. 

I strongly urge everyone give in whatever way you can back to the society to life. Help to make our world a better place. Small steps, small changes towards a bigger picture. 

P.S I myself was inspired by Mimi Ikonn to share my experience and make a difference. 



  1. Wonderful way to spend a birthday I must say! :) Happy belated birthday.
    Stiletto Maniac

    1. Thanks a lot :) , indeed I loved it ,, made me so happy :) it's always so good to spread cheer

  2. Lovely way to spend ur special day bhakti

  3. Watching others happy is the best way , isn't it ? I loved it completely :))

  4. The perfect utilization of money and time, very happy to know that u have celebrated Ur birthday in this way, wish everyone would have thought process like u.

    1. We are blessed and let's share a bit of our blessings with others in need in whatever we can, that was and is the soul purpose , lets share in any way and make the world a better place bit by bit.

  5. A birthday well spent I must say, & a very nice effort from your part to spread happiness around you:)

    1. Thanks for the appreciation and recognition, I felt really amazing and appreciated when I received queries for the orphanage and dog shelter. In the right direction with small steps. :)) keep spreading the light


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