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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Favorite February

I always look forward to the new year like everyone but I am actually looking forward to February. 
February is my favorite month as you all know by the tittle. Most of us love February for the more obvious being the month of love ❤️. However I have a more deep love affair with February as it's the month of my birth. Yes I have my birthday in February and every year I look forward to it with equal enthusiasm and gusto. 

Birthdays are a big affair with me, don't get me wrong, I don't have to throw a big party or do something really huge on my birthday. Birthday for me is a very special day and I like to celebrate it to celebrate life, my being and I love doing so. I just adore all the pampering and feeling extra special and February thus is very special for me. 

And all of you people who are February born - wishing you a very happy Birthday month !! hope you have as much fun and lots of wishes. 

Being a February born, I pride myself with all its traits and I simply love them, won't change it for anything. So another reason to love February. 

Have a look at the February born traits. 

Frankness  ✅✔️ I am frank to the point of being blunt and hurt people, obviously putting my foot in my mouth. However I am glad I am honest. 
Originality ✅✔️ I will have it my way in my style, I can't repeat what someone else does. 
Creative, Innovative ✅✔️ Art in any form makes me happy. 
Loyal ✅✔️ furiously loyal 
Devoted to family and love ✅✔️ mean the world to me. 
Live in the moment, enjoy life ✅✔️ yes , yes , yes !! 😊👍 
Strong willed ✅✔️
Selfless, helping ✅✔️ I always feel we need to give back to the society, Earth , life in whatever way we can. 

Me in a nutshell, it's almost so accurate, it's amazing. All the more reasons to love the month who blessed me with all these traits. Hehe 

I happened to read this somewhere and it aptly describes me to the T. 
People born in February are usually far from reality. They are interesting and intelligent, but are preoccupied with abstract thoughts. These people are also extremely sensitive and can be easily hurt. They are friendly by nature, but may feel isolated at times. They are exceptionally loyal and devoted to the people they love. Another interesting trait is that, these people can read other people easily, but choose to reserve their comments. They are little low on their self-esteem but if a situation demands, they can surprise everyone with their hidden talents. By nature they are attracted to places of amusement and. Entertainment and leisure are essential parts of their life and they love freedom. Generally they are shy, but when held back or forced to do something against their will, they can be aggressive.  They are introverts in the sense that they show their abilities only when required. They do not believe in unnecessary publicity of their talents or capabilities, one of the reasons they are quite modest and discreet.
If you are interested you can find more to read in detail over here

The famous people who are born in February are - Abraham Lincoln, Christiano Ronaldo, Bob Marley, Rihanna, Shakira, Jennifer Anniston, George Washington, Steve Jobs, Chatrapati Shivaji, Morarji Desai, Zakir Hussain and many many many more especially from the field of art. 

Hope you enjoyed some Indepth on February borns and it got a teeny weeny smile on imagining yourself if you are a February born or if someone close to you is a February baby. 

I just loved doing it for fun sakes and some insight into my nature as well as ones born in February. 

The years haven't and never will reduce your importance Lovely February. I will always await you with anticipation and welcome you with joy. 



  1. Hi There !

    I love February not for being the month of Love but for being the month of my Birth . Can't find more reasons to love it as my Birth is the Biggest blessing I've ever received . Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday and Very Happy February .

    1. Hey Anoosha I know right ,, thanks a lot dear, we are birthday month buddies ;) wishing you a splendid month and an awesome birthday!! February is quite special for both of us :))


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