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Friday, February 26, 2016

Masala Bread Fry Recipe

A quick and comforting snack or starter.
It satiates those mid day hunger pangs and gets a big smile to any face. 

In this recipe you can use leftover bread or fresh bread according to your convenience. 

I am using left over pav. 

4 slices of bread / pav 
1 medium onion 
1 small capsicum 
Sprig of spring onion to garnish (optional) 
Salt to taste
1 tbspn Oil 
1 tspn Ginger garlic paste 
1 tspn chilly powder 
Soy sauce 
Chilly sauce 
Green chilly sauce 
Tomato ketchup
Pinch of sugar 
Shredded cheese to garnish 

Let's get started- 

Toast the bread in a pan on low heat or microwave until crisp. 

In another pan heat oil and add finely cut onion, capsicum and the ginger garlic paste. Sauté.

Then add the chilly powder, salt and sauces according to your taste, sauté nicely. 

Once that is done add a cup of water. 
Let it all blend together and get it to a boil 
Cut the crisp bread in cubes and add to the pan to this boiling mixture.

Mix the bread well with the mixture.

Serve piping hot with shredded cheese and finely cut spring onion. 

Yummy to the core and quick and easy. 

Did you like the recipe ? 
You can add other veggies according to your choice. 
Let me know how it was. 

Until next time - 


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