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Friday, February 21, 2014

Wagentine forever..

Along with all other lovely invitations sitting pretty in my inbox for this valentine, there was this  special one, and I decided that instance that my valentine this year is going to be that extra special.
So here I was all excited and dressed up for my Valentine eve celebrations. I reached my venue all with anticipation and enthusiasm.
Here I got a first glimpse of my valentines, they looked so cute, all on their four paws and little wagging tails , licking me lovingly.
So much warmth and unconditional love- all thanks to Blue cross, PALs and Prani project. For organizing this Dog walk on valentines eve- Wagentine.
The walk was organized in protest for poisoning of stray dogs and to spread the message of stray dog adoption and sterilization.
Killing stray dogs is not only inhuman but of no use, it doesn't stop breeding of new dogs, infact killing stray dogs invites problem that you may have never thought about, like new dogs from neighboring areas take the territories, dog fights, bites increase due to it.
sterilization is the solution for growing number of stray dogs and other problems arising out of this.
For assistance in sterilization of dogs in your area, one can call- 9689928688 / 9552607173 / 9373321134 / 9226108504 (Pune)

Adopt stray puppies, dogs, you will give them a home and love that they deserve
pros for the same-
you don't have to buy them.
they are low maintenance than the pedigree ones.
they are more loving and smarter than the pedigree ones.
They are better guard dogs than most of the pedigree breeds.
All the above are facts which are proved.
Buildings should adopt atleast one stray dog to complement the security as well as give them home.
(I have adopted two stray dogs and they have filled our life with love in every possible way, I can vouch for it.)

She is Naughty-- extremely possessive, loving, loyal and ferocious, I forgot to mention pampered brat.

This handsome dude is Blacky- street smart, ferocious, enthusiastic, very loving.

Tell me can their be a better valentine, than helping these cute ones, who shower us with their unconditional love.

The walk was organized from Alka talkies to FC college

for a cause

My wagentine

I request you all to please do your bit for the cause in whatever way you can.
You can get more information over here -

PALs - Pune Animal Lovers

Give a home to these loving creatures and see the way they make your life magical.


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