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Friday, February 14, 2014

Terttulia - Eat, drink, and fall in love.

Did I tell you guys that I am a part of Food adda India team ( trumpets). Well, this had to happen, what with our common mission and love - Food. :p
Food adda India is a team of bloggers and foodies who aim to unite people over food, love food, and catch up with you over the latest happening places, yummiest food, events, recipes, chef and more.( doesn't it sound similar to you? No wonder, see I told you I had to be a part, had no choice. hehehe)
Food adda India got an invitation from Terttulia to spend an afternoon enjoying the warmth, conversation and the delectable cuisine. How on earth could anyone turn down this opportunity and not experience this unique restaurant ?
A warm and cozy resto bar tucked in the by lanes of Koregaon Park. As soon as you spot this quaint joint, a blackboard greets you with the tagline- Terttulia - 'Eat, Drink, Love'
Terttulia means warm conversations with friends over some great food and drinks. The restaurant lives up to its name and tagline to the 'T'. The Eat, Drink, love is blended completely in everything in the restaurant, each nook and corner of this resto is a proof of it.
It was a sunny but a pleasant afternoon(love Pune weather) when we arrived at Terttulia all geared up for an amazing lunch. Terttulia had prepared a special meal course for us and we were too excited to devour each and everything on it.
We were greeted by Nishant (Manager- Terttulia) with a warm welcome, chilled drinks, lots of information and friendly banter.
The resto is divided in different settings, the indoor offers a more formal dinning, though with its quirky traits. A stylish bar and the pristine white outdoors, laidback and beautiful.
We decided to sit in the outdoor dining area, enjoying the balmy weather. The seating was very comfortable with cushions , white color was supreme in the palette, the walls were adorned with quirky and vintage art and quotes. Swaying palms, light wind started our evening with aplomb. We were enjoying our drink, in my case it was a chilled fresh water melon juice. The conversation just flowed in naturally, and whether it was the chirpy, well informed Nishant or the ambience, we felt ourselves at home. The music just added to the ambience and the staff was really helpful.

Some candid snippets of Terttulia.

Tertulia prides itself in locally served fresh ingredients. The food at Terttulia like everything else is inspired by creativity and love. The presentation as well as the taste appeals to the senses.
Chef Sanjib and his team had left no stone unturned and bombarded us heavily with one exquisite dish over the other.

Have a look yourself.
The menu specially designed for us.

what followed was a gastronomic treat

Fresh watermelon juice, it was equally yummy and fresh as compared to its looks ;p

This has to be one of the stars of the afternoon.
Sparkling Bellini
A combination of sparkling wine with fresh peaches and not some puree.
The taste was so full on the tongue and yet so light. Highly recommended.

wild mushroom cappuccino sans the crispy bacon soup.
So utterly creamy and comforting. the warmth just spread immediately. It was really yummy.
Perfect for cool nights especially as a comfort food.
Rich and creamy. 

Watermelon and Feta salad with Balsamic drizzled Aragula
I loved this salad. the watermelon's sweetness, the creamy feta, combined with
the Aragula in a dressing which was, a bit sour and salty, tangy and refreshing.
the salad was really light and healthy.
Highly recommended.

broccoli with chili, lime and butter.
It was nice and healthy, I am not a very big fan of Broccoli, but I finished what was on my plate
and it tasted good.

Mini Quiche of Roasted corn, Buttered spinach and mushroom with melted Cheddar.
This mini marvel was really yummy, melted in the mouth, I cannot but wanted more. The
corn, spinach, cheddar and mushrooms, combined together and had an amazing taste. Utterly creamy.
Highly recommended.

Fried Calamari with Wasabi mayonnaise
Again I do not like Calamari, but the preparation was really good, the calamari was fried to perfection , it wasn't oily and chewy, but crispy and right. The wasabi was done perfectly and tasted great with the calamari.
highly recommended for sea food lovers.

Charcoal grilled Honey sesame chicken kebabs.
I am a chicken lover and was looking forward to this dish.
I was not happy though.
the chicken was tender and juicy, cooked to perfection. It also gave a nice charcoal effect, smell and taste. It lacked in the honey taste though, some how the punch was missing, I found it rather bland.

Garlic Sautee Basa in chili cilantro pistou
I was in love with this. Really liked it the best. The Basa was soft , tender and
well done. The taste was so yummy. spicy, tangy, with burnt garlic, pesto and citric cilantro.
It packed in a good, hearty punch.
Highly recommended.

3 Mushroom Risotto with roasted Hazelnuts and Aged Parmesan.
it did complete justice to the risotto and was perfectly done, the taste of mushrooms
combined with that of risotto will really appeal to the mushroom lovers. Creamy, comforting and cheesy, it was perfect risotto.

Red wine braised lamb ragout with chilli buttered Spaghetti
I didn't quite enjoy the dish as I found the lamb quite rawish, not to my liking.
The red wine sauce was nice.

BBQ pork ribs with cranberry compote and Jalapeno corn Muffin.
My friends who have pork praised it.

Grilled tenderloin with cilantro, garlic mash, mushroom and port jus.
My friends who have beef, helped themselves with a second helping.

Cajun style tofu steak with warm couscous salad
Not a fan of tofu neither couscous. Loved, loved the presentation though. the use of colors.
I just wanted to devour it for the colors and presentation. the power of presentation ;p

Herb and Rock salt grilled chicken with garlic mash and red wine jus
The chicken was juicy and tender, the flavor at the forefront was a bit salty and herb infused, going well with red wine jus and garlic mash, I quite liked it.

Another sparkling star. a sparkling wine with fresh strawberry puree.
sweeter in taste than the Bellini and I just loved. Perfect for a warm pleasant afternoon.
Highly recommend it.

Goeey chocolate cake
It just went mmmmmmmm. amazingly yummy, juicy, gooey, soft and so chocolattiii.
To not eat it, is sin.
Highly recommended.

English style warm croissant pudding infused with Bourbon whisky sauce
I went gaga over the presentation. It looked so rich.
However I was disappointed, I couldn't taste the bourbon, it was very bland, I dint find any appealing taste.

 After such a heavy and delicious lunch, we were so full. I actually just wanted to nap. It was an amazing afternoon filed with amazing food, laughter and conversations.
We were happy to accept the invitation and experience Terttulia to the best.
Terttulia in the truest sense, right place to be whether for some really good cocktails, wines or drinks, their huge variety of bar food, a sumptuous breakfast, yummy lunch with loads of banter, or a romantic dinner.

Last but not the least, a small goody basket from Terttulia.

Pink Verdict

Food- 4/5
Ambience- 4/5
Service- 4.5/5
hygiene and cleanliness- 4.5/5
Value for money- 3.5/5

Overall- you should really experience it. :))


P.S - If you would like us to visit your property to review and write about it, we would be happy to do so (restaurants, travel, hotels)



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