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Thursday, November 30, 2017

I want to be a Superwoman

I wish sometimes I was a superwoman .. 
Well I am not talking about women who are superb these days juggling home, career and simultaneously leading a fulfilled, and (well so called) accomplished life.
I am referring here to the Superwoman who swishes in the air, without worrying of juggling 20 things at a time on the point of a breakdown ..
Doing what she does best at a time that makes her the happiest. She is at par or even better than Superman and has the job of defending the world. She is celebrated, loved and appreciated.
She takes care of others but she knows that she needs to take care of herself first and she does so.
She is intelligent and sensitive at the same time.
She doesnt need assurance nor does she need to compete in a race for equality with no one. She herself is a competition. She just wants to be happy and is.
She knows when to ask for help and doesnt beat herself for being miss knowing it all.
She knows how to pull herself up rather than waiting for someone else to do so.
I think I would prefer to be a Superwoman than today's superb woman with an endless task list, multitasking their every aspect of life without appreciation, being taken for granted and without knowing their limitation. Exhausting herself without getting recharged on her sun.
Most of the times today's superb woman is her own kryptonite cause she forgets to love herself.
I prefer to be a Superwoman : fight battles, be the hero and take the accolades, rather than battle it out every time for everything like a superb woman cause she is playing dual roles one career wise and other at the home front without even recognition of doing much more.
Cant even imagine or may be I can hence I want to be a superwoman who doesn't have to do it all. 
So here I am trying to be a superwoman..
Knowing that I can do anything but I cant do everything at the same time. Choosing my battles wisely and sanely staying away from kryptonites. Just being happy and taking my happiness in my own hands. Choosing how I fight and what for. I don't have to be best in everything but I have to give my best at what I am doing. Being happy and spreading happiness.
Best shot at living and best shot at safeguarding my well being. 
 Wish I could just zoom in the air .. now dont you ?


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