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Thursday, November 16, 2017



a holiday spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

The popularity of staycation is increasing and rather why not. I think staycations are very underrated.
Staycations are vacations with utmost comfort without stressing yourself giving you the leeway to do things as much or as less you want according to your liking. Giving you the complete rest and indulging you in utmost relaxation .. instead of going on vacations where you want to see it all and do it all without much chance to relax . One needs another vacation to just get over and relax all the tired muscles after all that sightseeing and activities back to back.
Staycation is the new league of vacation or not, just our age old vacations where we stayed at home and did as little or as much as we wanted or visited some relative to do the same.
So an old vacation wrapped in a new package - staycation - which is catching everyone's fancy and rightly so.
Especially staycations at neighbourhood / nearby hotels and resorts are very much in demand. Why not ? With amenities, comforts, pampering yourself to the hilt, good food, spa, without worry in the world, no agendas, fun activities that the hotel plans, yoga, nearby sights if you want to see that is and the works ....
In today's fast paced life where everyone is running a race against time .. staycation helps us to stop, unwind just relax and catch up with yourself or your loved ones ..
and in the end ....
some snippets of our staycation -

Just unwind


Catch up on some reading

Feast away

Do what you like - hobbies, activities, spa - anything that makes you happy and that which you don't do in your daily routine.

Play your favourite games, take up a class or sport activity, dance, do yoga ... endless possibilities...

Be one with nature, hike , be a tourist in your own city...

Get loads of rest, catch up on movies, catch up with friends ....
Just Relax and do what your heart and body feel like.

Check out How We Do A Staycation


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