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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Indigo Deli in Kp

From the house of deGustibus Hospitality the first ever deli to open its door to Pune and how. After the tremendous success and love that it got Indigo Deli has now opened its second outlet at the bustling Koregaon park, Lane no 6 with aplomb. 

This all day cafe with an European bistro feel keeps up the tradition of enticing its patronage with its simple yet comforting menu designed with fresh and local produce which pulls at the right strings of the heart and belly. 
Chef Tushar Deshpande is the same man responsible for this epic journey of the taste buds at this second outlet too.
Done up in warm cozy hues with chocolate brown interiors, bold ceiling and lovely huge glass windows looking out on the busy street and the small but quaint outdoor section. The candles, setting, a bar which takes a centre stage, to the dessert counter which calls out your name,everything literally tugs at your heart.

Though this place is smaller than the one in phoenix, I personally love it more due to its setting.

Love sitting at the window in the candle light watching the world pass by whilst sipping on some wine.

Coming back to the tasting ...

I was presented with the day's special menu and even sampled some of their bar nibbles.
Lets get started then .. we have a long delicious way to go.

Cream of Peas and Broccoli
As the name suggests it was a perfect creamy soup. I am a pea lover. So I loved it even more with flavour of peas intertwined with those of the broccoli. 
This warm soup on cold nights with especially their in house yummy bread basket which i can have all by itself with some generous butter.. 
Lovely comforting soup. 

Guava and Sriracha Margarita
For the guava lovers with spicy masala. 
This baby is tequila shaken with guava juice, Thai chili sauce and a rim with the in house BBQ rub.

Kale salad 
This fresh, healthy delicious thing. 
I could have it almost every other day without complaining. 
Sliced fennel, apple batons, dried cranberries, candied walnut, feta... 
Soooo good 👍
Must Try!

Beer Batter Cajun Spiced Prawns with Aioli
If you ask me I am a complete prawns girl and whenever i get my hands on some yummy prawns I cant help but a do a little Prawns dance and for this one I was dancing hard to rhythm of prawn dance... prawn dance ... prawn dance .. prawn dance...
Loved these crispy prawns with the garlicky aioli dip. Somehow the combination of beer with prawns is always kick ass and this was no different. 
Perfect Bar Nibble 
Must Must Try ! 

Spinach, Corn and Mozzarella croquettes with BBQ sauce... 
Yummy nibble for the veggies in the house.
Bite into this crispiness to experience the flavourful croquettes with a cheesy pull. 
Highly addictive. 

Creamed Spinach, Roasted Mushroom and Scamorza 
Half and half 
No one does thin crust like Indigo Deli.
Wafer thin crust so good. 
I loved this veggie delight with such flavours coming together it was party on the house in my mouth 😋
I never knew creamed spinach and mushroom can have such a magical combination paired alongside scamorza. 
Must have! 

Roasted chicken with cheddar. 
Simple and minimal combinations are the best and most flavourful.
This pizza, this deli is the live example of the same. 
All their pizzas are top notch, you really need to try them out. 

Bloody Mary Linguini ❤
Such a delectable plateful of slurpy pasta in a smoked chili tomato sauce with roasted aubergine, fried capers and fresh mozzarella. So juicy and flavourful and yet so simple.
Must have ! 

Red Wine braised Lamb Ragout

Wine when added rightly takes the taste notches higher and red meat when cooked to perfection nothing can taste better.
Can you even imagine then the flavours of this  perfectly seasoned, spiced Ragout served along with grilled beans and a perfectly charred ciabata. 
This simple yet heavenly meal was surely meant for angels. 

Spinach Risotto 
I am sure Popeye grew up on this stuff. 
This creamy risotto made up of caramelized onion, charred corn, feta and candied pecan nuts. 
Again simple food at its best. That touch of those candied pecan nuts - a bit of sweet in every creamy bite once in a while just created another drama altogether.
So glad they didn't hold back. 
Must Try ! 

Raspberry and Rosemary Mojito 

Saffron Tagiatelle
Queen scallops, shrimps, crab meat, Arugula 
For the sea food lovers definitely. 

They ran out my favorite whiskey pate 🙁 
You really need to try out this boozy dessert. 
So I had my other favorite their home made ice creams which are a bomb. I wanted to have them all but alas pet hain kuva nahi.... so I settled for pecan butter and Belgium chocolate.. if sin could be anymore sinful. It would be this.. 

Brownie vs Cheesecake 
Delectable combination of rich creamy cheesecake paired with gooey brownie...yummmmmmmm

Love the vibe of this place - like sitting in an English cafe having all that comfort food by the window as you people gaze or are just lost in your own thoughts.. romance with your date or just have a good time with friends and family.

Thanks a lot for inviting me Svetlana (carpe diem ) and team Indigo Deli Kp for hosting me.

Disclaimer : This was a food tasting on invite however the views and review is completely based on my experience that day. 


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