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Friday, November 17, 2017

A little Meraki in the busy city.

meraki [may-rah-kee] (adjective) This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you're doing, whatever it may be.

So my post today is about a little bit of 'Meraki' in this busy city. 
A little place with a soul, where you will get a feast for your soul made with love, for you and your loved ones. 
- does this sound cheesy to you... too lovey dovey perhaps, don't believe me ?
Then let me take you ...
On the bustling street of Koregaon park is the newly opened Meraki.
A small place inside Atelier. I forgot to mention a small place with a soul and a beautiful one at that.
A place perfect to de stress, unwind or just be with your loved ones.

I have always adored cute nature places like these where you feel one with nature especially in this man made concrete we call home. To peel of layers of pretences', gadgets, technology and listen to the beauty of nature to eat with our eyes; food cooked with love and let the robust aroma control our senses.
To sit with your loved ones holding hands and not mobiles - in short simple ways of the heart with love.
Candles, Bonfires, Barbecues, open sky and twinkling stars - well they have it all.

They serve Middle Eastern, Indian, Italian cuisine and they are doing a pretty well job.
The service is good, the staff is well informed about what they are serving, the portions are good and the prices are completely, totally vfm.

They still are in the process of securing the liquor license and it will be in place shortly.

We started our evening with -

Peru pyala
and don't you underestimate the power of common peru ka pyala ... it made me fall in love with its super spicy rim and the sweet nectar juice ... every sip was a balance of this eternal love affair there after. 
Honestly, I tried this peru mocktail at other places reminiscing of this one and wish I hadn't ... nothing minutely close. 

What better on chilled nights than warm mugs of soup to keep you company..

One pot Minestrone
Laden with winter veggies and that lovely fresh tomato broth infused with basil - healthy much ...

Caramelised fennel onion and Kale
Oh how I loved those creamy notes with blanched kale and sweet farm onion.
It was like soupy cream and onion (chips).

OA Chicken Ceasar Salad 
Perfect !
Those crispy croutons with the fresh iceberg and Romaine lettuce with roasted garlic. The dressing was perfect and so was the chicken.. 

Greek salad and watermelon 
Well one of my favorite salad is watermelon and feta - i never miss having it. 
I enjoyed this salad and it was almost perfect with all its fresh ingredients, sweet watermelons, feta and other veggies. 
The dressing too was yum what witheld it back was the quantity. 
They can be a bit generous with the watermelon, feta and balsamic vinegar dressing . 
Still - Highly recommended! 
Request them earlier when you order to be generous in the above department and you have a winner. 

Sweet Corn & Mozzarella Fritters with Chilli Jam 
Another crowd favorite ...
Cheese and corn - corn and cheese and that too gooey mozzarella with flavorful Jalapenos stuffed in them and that jam - literally omg - so good, so spicy with hints of sweet notes... totally addictive.

Market fresh veggie sliders
These are falafel and feta with dill tzatziki, bulb onion and plum tomato spicy sauce with cheese and lettuce between sliders. 

Jhinga Mirch Espetada 
Espetada means meat on stick (portuguese) with a rub, barbequed
This was my star of the night .... 
Prawns marinated in green chilli  thecha and garnished with fresh coconut.
So hot, so spicy, so me ... 
The marathi mulgi in me was happy with the proper justice done to my all time favorite green mirch thecha ( not toned down) and prawns my love - i will always chose you no matter what. 
I was doing a happy thecha prawn dance in my head whilst everyone ate. 

Statuary warning :  not for the faint hearted at all.

Lebanese Chicken Shish Tawook Espetada
Grilled chicken marinated in spicy yogurt, mustard and fresh herbs.
Juicy, succulent chicken mildly spiced. 
It was beautiful. 
Highly Recommended 

Lamb Kibbeh Espetada 
Minced lamb with spices grilled to perfection and chilli tzatziki
It should have been more juicy though lovely middle eastern flavours. 

Jalapeno Margarita Nanza
For the nanza lovers. 
Crisp base with generous toppings. 
Tomato and basil sauce base topped with jalapenos and mozzarella and drizzle of garlic olive oil. 

Rosemary Potato Nanza 
Pesto base rosemary, potato wafers, sun dried tomatoes, steamed kale, jalapenos and olives... 
Quite a feast happening there haan

Lamb Bolognaise Pizza 
I am not such a bolognaise girl but this definitely was a table favourite with generous topping of home spiced minced lamb bolognaise, Turkish flat bread baked in a wooden oven with generous mozzarella topped on. 
Lovely flavours. 

Philadelphia cream cheese and chicken pizza
Plum tomatoes, onions , Mozzarella and generous amount of ricotta drizzle with cream cheese sauce. 
Those who love Margarita pizza will definitely love this. 
I completely loved it. 
Subtle flavours making such a huge impact.
Their pizza base is thin and crisped lovely. 
Highly Recommended. 

OA Ravioli
Ravioli not many get it right however they got it bang on. Perfect thin raviolis cooked to perfection stuffed with farm tomatoes and fresh ricotta (oh so good) basil and Parmesan. It was tossed in that super yummy creamy sauce made up of cheese fondue cream and sage, garlic butter.
Its the chef's favorite. 
Highly Recommended 

Tomato Basil and Ricottta Risotto 
Italian Khichdi - Risotto
In house Pomiodoro sauce with Italian ricotta, grilled fresh vegetables and herbs.
So filling, so comforting and creamy, so yummy. 
No wonder i love khichdis 😉
Highly Recommended ... 

Jaipur koftas and Lachcha parathas
The koftas were made of corn, green peas and dried figs with cardamom scented gravy. Something like malai koftas. Rich creamy flavours on the sweeter side. You can eat it with steamed pilaf as well. 

Salli Chicken 
Boneless chicken in a tangy gravy topped with crispy potato salli (potato straws or batatyacha chivda) served with butter naans
Nice non veg main to have. 

Lal Maas Bunny Chaw 
A very quirky combination. 
Cant comment a lot about this dish cause It was an off day for it. The salt was a bit more though it tasted quite flavourful. 
Their breads are a bit on the toastier side to my liking. 
I was really looking forward to this dish anyway I got to know from others that it was fabulous when they had it. Will definitely give this another try.

Surmai Darne 
Darne - (french) a thick cut from the middle of the fish.
So there were two thick cuts from a soft surmai which was rubbed with a Moroccan spice and pan fried.  The fish was bland but the curried sauce accompanying it was a bomb and completely full of robust flavours. Wish they were generous with that sauce. Creamy mashed potato served with it was perfect and smooth and the sautéed vegetables all of it together made for a big tasty mouthful. 
The food was completely awesome and blew me away. Almost every other dish was recommended. Coming to the desserts, now they really had to meet some high expectations. They definitely fell short in that aspect. 

 Cardamom Pannacotta and honeyed figs
I love Panacottas.
This failed to impress me to the hilt however this was the second best dessert of the night.

OB Mandarin Crepe Suzette 
Classical sweet crepes in caramelized sugar, orange liquor and butter sauce. With Malta orange segments. 
Overtly sweet for me- i found it nothing special. 

Coconut Bread Pudding 
Warm soft pudding drizzled with red current and caramel rum sauce. 
Very subtly sweet perfect for those who like it that way. 

This takes the second place on my dessert list for the night alongside the panacotta

First place goes to Orange chocolate fondant.
Warm dark chocolate baked to perfection with a very subtle hint of Malta orange. Served with vanilla ice cream. 
This finished no sooner than it was served. 
Highly Recommended 

And that was the sweet end to this soulful journey.
Still don't believe me .. you need to check it out yourself.

Thanks to Svetlana for introducing me and inviting me to Meraki and what lovely time I had.

Until we meet again

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