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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Simply Complex or no ?

It's been a long long time that we chatted up ... and I am so sorry for that. Honestly I am caught up in a huge project which is really close to my heart. Very soon I shall share with you where I was lost.
But today I just felt like catching up with you guys, rather I itched to write to you, craved to blog. In this long time I honestly had a writer's block where I didn't feel like writing and just wanted to focus on my project but today all of a sudden it just felt empty not to chat with you all . 
So long story short here I am.. 
I realised that I am simply complex or complex simple and then I remembered a quote from Marlyn Monroe .... 
I think I am a mixture of Simplicity and Complexes but I am beginning to understand myself more now - Marlyn Monroe 
And I just left it at that. 
On a lighter note the monsoon is tantalising and leaving us asking for more .... the weather is beautiful ... sometimes brutal but pretty nevertheless ...

Simple outfit to conquer the complexities.
I love the t-shirt denim days.


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