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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cafe Arabia - Journey into the Middle Eastern Cuisine

I Broke my self imposed exilè from food invites finally. ( I will let you on why i was on an exile soon - promise) Reason had to be good now and it sure was, my love for Lebanese cuisine. Middle eastern food has my heart. So here we landed on a busy crowded sunday in Phoenix city food court ( we avoid crowded places on weekends but we had to do this). We were headed for none other than Cafe Arabia.
Cafe Arabia has been there on the city food scene for a long time. Its stood it stand against the test of time and here we were to get our own taste of it. 
There was a consistent flow of clients with yummy huge platters and kebabs. 
As we waited  for ours the aroma of hummus filled my senses and no sooner our table was a battle ground for yummy platters fighting for space. 
Their menu is vast and you can have a feast fit for a king with their kebabs, biryanis, platters and more but we were there on a mission to taste their new variants and we dived head on directly into it. By the way let me tell you I am a hummus pita lover so I can never settle for something which is even a tad bit less than our expectations ( especially husband - he takes being fussy and picky to another level especially when dragged out of the house on a busy crowded weekend ).

So lets start from
Assorted Hummus Platter
Clockwise - Spicy Harissa, Basil Pesto,
 Zaatar Jalapeno and the Classic Original Hummus along with Zaatar Bread. My favorite is the spicy Harissa while husband loves the green ones. That zaatar (mix of spices ) is exceptionally awesome. Be it in any form be it hummus, salad or rub, we completely fell in love with it.
All this for Rs 220. Totally worth it.
Dont you think the presentation deserves an applaud for a food court qsr brand. I can just eat with my eyes. Love my food beautiful .. dont you ?
Must try !! .

Feasting we were!

Al Fahm Kebab 
Chicken drumsticks marinated in yellow chilli paste and cheese creamy garlic. 
These were delicious especially when they are hot. They are all creamy and melt in the mouth. Loved the taste of yellow chillies ( something i tried knowingly for the first time and loved ) definitely gonna find out what all food preps make use of yellow chillies. 
Rs 230 
Must try !! 

Zaatar Chicken Salad 
For the salad lovers, healthy eaters or just for its yummy quotient. 
This salad wins hands down. Filled with proteins, greens, fresh crunchy veggies and a lovely seasoning of zaatar spices and that mayo on top. Roasted chicken - Oh so good! 
You have to have it, its quite filling as well.
Za isnt a salad eater but he picked out all yummy juicy chicken pieces and left me with the vegetables and to find some tid bits of the chicken 🙈
Rs 190 
Must try !! 

Chicken Shwarma Platter.
Deconstructed shwarma on a plate. Its like make your own shwarma with your favorite ratio. Go on add to your hearts content. I made mine with generous amount of everything and dipped it all in with the spicy Harissa. The chicken was perfectly roasted and spiced. Zahir finished this entire thing. 
Rs 230 
Must Try !! 

Crispy falafels, high on protein, just dip it right in the hummus and enjoy. 
Rs 120

Shish Kebab on Rice
Buttered herb rice with minced kebabs and creamy hummus with a portion of salad. 
Though I found the kebabs a bit dry ( i like mine juicy)Those delicately balanced flavours with herbs. 
Chicken Rs 240 

And last and in no way the least 
You know your Sunday was awesome when you feast on the Royal Turkish delight - Baklava ❤
Favorite Middle Eastern Dessert or
Dessert meant for Gods - we devoured it within no time at all. Filo sheets with honey and syrup with caramelised nuts ... Burst of flavour in every bite. One of the best I have had in Pune.
Rs 60
Must try! 

All in all we were very happy with our meal. 
Tasty food which they have tried to keep true to its roots. The food is all healthy and they pride themselves on not using any preservatives whatsoever and nothing is processed. 
The quality and taste of all its branches is uniform having one kitchen headquarter which supplies the premixes to everyone. 
So what you waiting for head out to Cafe Arabia closest to you and do try out the yummy stuff on offer. 
Let me know, what you try and how it was. 


Cafe Arabia is located in 
Phoenix market city - Viman Nagar 
Westend Mall - Aundh 
Seasons Mall - Magarpatta 
Mariplex Mall - Kalyani Nagar 
Royal Heritage Mall - Nibm ( coming soon ) 

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