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Monday, September 18, 2017

Two Timing, Am I ?

Today let me take you with me on a small part of our Road trip.
For those who follow me it's no surprise and you guys already know it from all the posts and my random rants that I am a nature girl at heart ... 
In nature I lose myself and find myself again .. I breathe.. I rejuvenate .. 
And this feeling was strengthened and factualised by our recent road trip which we were advised strongly against by our Dr. Reason - I was very weak with low bp. Which was lower than low and I was advised strict bed rest. Still me being me went with the trip  ( well in my defence everything was booked and this trip was planned from a long time and we were in such anticipation and I love road trips and Goa ) as I thought we 'll do it as it's just from Pune to Goa... ( well that was irresponsible but adventurous though ) 
The whole way hubby took care of me like no ones business. Fussing about my rest, my meds, my snacks, ( could I get any luckier, touchwood I have won myself  a jackpot ) Coaxing me to sleep but no sooner than we took to the forests and mountains they just kept me going and like that .. like just that.. I was feeling so live. The magic of nature is marvellous beyond understanding ... it's wonderful, just leaves one astonished at it's beauty, sights, abundant life and a strong will to keep growing to keep living and giving. 
The crisp air, the smell of moss laden trees, gurgling waterfalls, chirping birds,  what's there not to like... not to fall in love.. not to be fully alive and aware.. not to replenish and rejuvenate every sense of the body. 
I was healed ... if not completely ... in my mind ... in my will to be one with nature .. in spirit.. I was one with nature.
It helped me like it does always. It loved and accepted and nourished me like it does always...
I wanted to get out of the car, touch the leaves, feel the cool gurgling water, smell the wild daisies.
Just like that my love affair continued .... ❤
With my hubby as well as nature... I was two timing and how ... but sometimes a girl just gotta do what she gotta do. 😉

Monkeying around, are we ?

Mountains are calling ...

Specks of green..

And I did get out of the car... didn't get to play in the waterfall, well whom was I kidding .. I got out and just that was enough to get a smile to my sick, tired af face.
P.S. how cute is he 😋

I want to be here forever in these mountains, where my soul belongs amidst nature.

The Magic of Mystical Mountains beckons me on ...
Forever a mountain Girl ...
They have my Heart...

Check out this small video ... a glimpse of magic ...

on that note ..


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