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Friday, September 22, 2017

Million Memories - Pallavi Kodan -Book Review

I was pleasantly surprised to recieve this cute little package from the author Pallavi Kodan.
I loved the cute little powder pink bag that it came in and the book itself appeared chic with pastel sand colour cover with the black seagulls and the female character with an umbrella. 
It gives a bit of a sad look and I thought this must be another heart breaker. 

Author–  Pallavi Kodan
Publishers– Partridge Publishing
Number Of Pages- 210
Format– Paperback
Genre - Young Adult 
Well the blurb reads - 
 Follow Ashima and her friends through their roller coaster ride from teenage to adulthood, to being actual adults. A story about growing up together, and realizing self worth...failing and standing up for one self...struggles and challenges. A story, which is an amalgamation of many experiences and emotions.

Review - 
This is an honest book written by Pallavi Kodan it dwelves into childhood memories of coming up of age along with your friends. One can relate with it on every aspect. Kudos to the author for getting it so right in her first book itself.
The book is about the main three characters Ashima, Siddhant and Karishma. These three are best friends since childhood. Childhood friendships are most cherished ones and hold a special place in life. This book depicts exactly that.
Right from the start when all three of them come from different families and backgrounds, upbringing and social norms. How that affects their friendship and shapes them as individuals. How the struggle is real with them to keep the friendship alive being different personalities and growing up differently with a different outlook towards life in general. You actually hate Karishma and get irked when her character arrives, wish Ashima could be less sweet and it was time she gave it back. Or for that matter you want Siddhant to enjoy and forget his love. 
You relate with them, have your favourite too. Sometimes you even go back to your childhood menories. 
From first crushes, exams, goof ups, dates, love, highs and lows and life in general - this book follows it all from their separate point of view and what effect it has on each one as well as their friendship. 
The language the author has used is simple and easy to relate however the book is a bit slow at places. It wavers in engaging the reader, material is predictable and you know what is gonna happen every time.
There are lot of errors especially towards the end which require editing. 
All in all this book is a simple fast nice read. 
Thanks again to the author for sending this pretty little package and congrats on the first book. 

My verdict - 3 / 5 

Happy Reading folks !! 


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