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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Playing hide and seek with Monsoons

It's already the end of June and the rain is still playing hide and seek. Everyone is waiting for the full fledged monsoon to arrive. I am a complete pluviophile. 
So the slightest drops of Rain makes my heart sing songs of joy. I love petrichor and go crazy with the scent. 
So no sooner than the first raindrops kiss my face I am engulfed in this true blissful magic of the universe. 

An impromptu plan to go on a drive and follow the rain, wherever it takes us. 

The lush bright green fields taking us to the rain land of Mulshi a nearby place from Pune. 

My cutie pie equally loves monsoon and is always a sport for such impromptu plans. After all life is all about living in the moment and dancing in the rain ❤️😍😊💃

The landscapes that opened up to welcome us. The lake waiting to be filled up. Us - just witnessing this beautiful story take form. 

When in the wild - have some wild berries and play who can spit out the seeds further 🙈🤓😜

Getting drenched and loving it. 

I just live to travel, to experience life, the whole world is mine to see and I belong to the wanderlust species - that's what nature does to me, brings out the poet in me. 

More we, more us every single day, sharing, cherishing and making more memories as we together grey ❤️

The rain just makes everything beautiful, don't you agree. So just go, go now, for that beautiful drive, get lost in nature and cherish what you have. 

These pretty pictures and I can't even explain the scenery or what we felt - serene, calm, content, alive. 

When it's raining you gobble up your favourite comfort food. Rain and bhajias - life can't get better and yummier. I completely love bhajias (fritters) potato for me and onion for hubby and we had cups and cups of sweet ginger tea. 
It was a perfect evening, perfect date , a perfect weekend. 
More to our treasure trove of memories. 

What are you upto in the rains?
Let me know in the comments.

Until we meet again. 
Stay happy and cheerful. 

Lots of Love ❤️❤️


  1. Yes, much needed rainfall for farmers who are waiting for it desperately.

  2. Your post could be a starting point to get ready for the monsoon. However, Bangalore rain may not be that pleasant, especially when it rains almost every day coinciding with office time. I have captures a few moods in this poem

  3. So true, dire need of the hour. I hope all the draught regions get good rainfall and the water bodies are full everywhere. People to need to understand the importance of water, it's high time all of us took this seriously and did whatever we can from our side.


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