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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ambushed - Nayanika Mahtani

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The author sent me the book Ambushed and I am so glad she did and I got to read this gem. 
Rooted very much in the real world. 
So suited for today's world, the story is so real, so true it tugs at your heart deep down. 
Especially for me, it just my kind of book. As you all know I am a complete nature lover. I believe in balanced living having said that my inclination is still towards the jungles, the mountains, nature, wild life. I want to live with the nature away from city hassles and enjoy the simplicity of life leaving behind the chaos and fast paced race. 
Human beings are evolved and they use this knowledge, technology to destroy what is so pure, so natural. We should be using our technology to help the nature, protect the wild animals and our universe instead by all means we are destroying them completely. Forests are being cut, animals poached. So many species extinct and we are to be blamed for most of them. We humans for bringing life to extinction. Where we should be the ones to safeguard all. 
The younger generation is getting so addicted to technology they don't know the joy of being in nature or being one with it.
We need to inculcate in them the love for nature, the outdoors, animals and fresh air. 
This book just touches the right chords. 
The book is such a breezy read I completed it in one sitting. It's fast paced and the characters are sketched beautifully. The author had managed to pen down the emotion of each character thoroughly yet simply, you can connect with each one of them. 
There are no lose plots, everything is precisely written and well conceptualised with reasoning and background. 
The book follows Tara a 10 yrs old smart and toity city girl. She belongs to a well to do small family having all luxuries and a complete gadget freak. 
The story then takes us with Tara on an unexpected and unwanted holiday to a Himalayan Forest. The twist and turns that the story takes. This is where Tara experiences an adventure of her lifetime. Meeting a tribal boy, living in nature, finding her strengths, experiencing the real beauty, finding herself amidst poachers, rescue mission, saving tigers all this and more on a holiday which she thought was the most boring and enforced one. 
The author takes up the issue of Toger poaching and declining population of the species. 
This is the dire need of the hour and like the tiger many animals in the world are on the brink of extinction. The nature, forest are all declining in statistics snd it's a sorry state that the human beings are to be blamed for. 
It's high time that we need to teach our kids our generation, everybody needs to take steps to stop this. 
We need to take pride in our universe and nature and safeguard and inculcate the same feeling amongst the children, others. 
I think this book is beautifully written and covers the gist in a nutshell of the present scenario. It's a must read for anyone and everyone. 
All children must must read this book. 

All royalties from Ambushed go to Tiger Watch, an NGO in Ranthambhore, for a school set up for the children of tribal (ex) poachers, to give them a window to alternate livelihoods (short video clip below)

You can buy this book over here at Amazon for Rs 146.

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