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Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Love

Summer is almost coming to an end and yet I can't still part with my summer goodies. 
I love summer - all goodies, heat and everything together, it's a complete package and a mind blowing one surely. 
Balmy nights, warm days, blooms everywhere, mangoes and other hoards of fruits, vacations, travel, chirping birds, slurpy ice creams and barf golas ( ice dollies) sodas and sugar, pickles and murabbas ( mango jams and pickles). I won't trade this for anything. 

Another memory another favorite came in my mail sitting snugly awaiting my return from a vacation I was completely enjoying. It was indeed a delicious surprise. The goodness of chilli guavas. Oh yes! Exactly the same taste which the peruwala bhaiyya used to have on his makeshift shop on his bicycle after school. Fresh cut guavas laden with chatpata spicy masala. 
I opened the drink to the waft of memories so surreal. Parched my throat and my heart. 
Thank you Paperboat you are always so gracious and I love your surprises. Keep them coming. This one is a winner out and out. I am hooked. 

I can't just get enough of summer drinks and if you really think hard - why should I ? They are just insanely delicious all the more in this hot season. 

I love the drinks from this shop in Narayan peth called Harshvardhan Cold drinks. It is very famous - he has amazing sodas and refreshing drinks and surprising concoctions.The variety is so huge and each one is simply delicious. The ones above are jaljeera sweet soda and kala khatta soda. They were yummy. Must visit if you from Pune. This place is always always crowded. Especially after 7pm. 

The roadside lemonades and fresh lime water just win my heart over and over eventually I have just given my heart to them completely and stupidly. 

I am such a romantic by heart. Little summer love notes for those flirty evenings. A little bit goes a long way ;) 😍❤️

My all time favorite fresh mango softy from a very old and famous shop on F.C Road, Pune - Cream California. I have been visiting this place since I was a kid. There softys are so amazingly creamy and delicious. The quality is maintained. I can eat these babies just one after another and never count. They make for a perfect summer date. This place is always buzzing with activity. 

Mango crazy that's what I am. I want and love everything mango. 
Nothing beats a home made Mango smoothie. 
Very easy to make. 
Freshly cut mango + milk + yogurt + vanilla ice cream (optional) + sugar according to taste (optional)  whip all this in a blender and you have fresh mango smoothie to slurp on the entire day. 

Last but not the least summer blooms everywhere just make everything so much more pretty. I can't take my eyes off them. 

This was me with my little bit of summer love. 

Share yours with me. 

Until next time. 
Stay happy and cheerful☀️


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