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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gestures of Love and Raindrops.

Small random gestures out of the blue, without a reason, without an occasion, without any expectations - just pure love touch the heart more than expected gifts on anniversaries, birthdays or festivals. They are so special because without a reason you know you are missed and loved and thought about a lot. They are cherished forever. 

These random small gifts by hubby dear pamper me silly and I so love them like crazy. 
I love books and I love to receive my kinda books. I just love the feel of paper in my hand, the colourful cover and the world inside these pages waiting for me to lose myself completely to its magic. 
Fragrances make me go weak in my knees I just love them especially floral ones. Natural fragrances have their own charm and I just love their relaxing and soothing effect and the whole Auroshikha range from Auroville products which are awesome and so difficult to get in Pune. 
The fragrance oil is of lavender and it's really calming and rejuvenating I just love it. I am still to read the book so will keep you updated on the same. The incense sticks are so cute and they are of opium. 
They are nice but I am more of a floral, woody person. 

I am in love with these cute bottles holding natural drink, they taste awesome. These wonders are from Kokm  Juicery and they are excellent. I am hooked on to them.
The bottle is so cute and honestly I picked up the drink for the bottle the first time I laid
my eyes on it and it turned out really yummy. This one is jeera and its really good on the tummy. They have other flavours in it too and I have tried almost all and they sure are liked by me.

Since the time I have tried Black Forest ice cream from Havmor I am hooked to it. 
I love Havmor ice creams, they are delicious and super vfm. This ice cream actually has cake layered and it's s treat. Give it a try. I love their entire range, its pretty good.

This is my all time favorite movie- Under The Tuscan Sun - feel good at any time. 
I love the way it is directed, the cast, location, positivity, romance , love and life. 
That's my dream Tuscan villa. I just love the journey that Diana Lane makes within herself to find herself. Her vacation in Italy, her struggles all so real and captured beautifully. In the desire for our wants, we stop looking what life is giving us. Life grants our wants too but we are just so busy wanting more, we stop appreciating it.

Colours just work their magic on me and I am left enchanted and mesmerised by their beauty. Give me colours any time of the day and let me paint my dreams. Complete Stress Buster.

Nothing like the first drops of rain on the hot soil. Rains leave everything so pretty. They wash the soul and everything around. Beauty in and out. The smell of the wet earth after the first rain drops drives me crazy. I am a complete pluviophile and a petrichor lover. 
Hope monsoons arrive with much aplomb soon. 

Meet my new friend 🤓
Just monkeying around or should I say dinosauring around 🙈😜. 

Hope you liked my snippets of the week gone by. 

How was your week. 
Let me know in comments. 

Until we meet again.
Stay happy and cheerful.

Lots of love ❤️❤️



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