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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mexican Fiesta @ 212 All Day Cafe Bar

First and foremost I am really sorry for not writing to you since a long time. I have been so occupied with invitations for the blog, work presentations, being down with monsoon flu and family that I really was struggling. 
However enough of that. 
I am here now and all yours.
Doing what I love the most, chatting with you guys. 
On another love of mine - Food. 
I love Mexican food however there are hardly any Mexican restaurants in Pune. So when 212 All Day Cafe Bar invited me for their Mexican fiesta going on for the whole month at their place I just couldn't resist. 
I was too excited to go and try the food. 
So without waiting further let's just dig in. 

212 is located in Phoenix market city Pune. 
The restaurant has a lovely simple yet colourful vibe to it. The interiors are classy and cheerful. They have an outdoor section as well which is very pleasant. 

We were seated inside this time around. 

Let's do the Mexican way - Hola !! 

Mexicans love their Margaritas and 212 has specially crafted 5 for this fiesta having base of tequila another classic Mexican favourite. 

Zapatista - Watermelon Juice, jalapeños 
Cancun Sunrise - Pear juice and Vanilla. 

Bloody Maria - It looks killer, doesn't it now ;) Tomato Juice, Sriracha and lime.. 

My favourite for the evening - Cucumberita - Cucumber and mint. 
Was refreshing. 

Azteka - Aloe ver and honey. This was another favorite on the table. 

Mexican Nachos all the way, no American  touch to it, no cheese. 
Just pure Mexican loaded with beans jalapeños, olives , salsa and generous sour cream - Perfecto 

Chimichangas - chicken as well as veg ( beans) 
I was instantly attracted towards the chicken even though the veg were at par. 
Crispy shell with moist juicy spicy chicken on the inside and a hint of sour cream. They were delicious. 

Down below are another 
Set of favourites for the evening. 
Chicken / pepper / cottage cheese in Habanero sauce. 
Habanero sauce is spicy and these were a treat. Habanero chillies are the third spiciest ones in the world. They really mellow down the spice level. However you can request them to adjust it if you are fiery eater like me. 
Told them to make it in the original spicy way without mellowing down and it was a bomb. 
All three dishes were crispy and yet tender and juicy. The marination in the spicy habanero sauce was ooh la la. 

Must must must have. 👍🏻👍🏻⭐️

Guajillo Lamb Taquitos 
For the lamb lovers. 

Veg Taquitos

Another star of the evening. 
Beer battered fish Taquitos
Crispy tortilla shells loaded with fish tempura. The fish was so fresh soft and fried to perfection. It was melting in the mouth. The salsa, guacomole and chipotle mayo were taking the taste to another level all together. 
Amazing dish. 
Must order 👍🏻⭐️

Chipotle chicken skewers
Tender and juicy 

Often the simplest things are the best and this simple veg Mexican Bruschetta was wonderful. 

What a sinful way to end this delightful meal. 
A plate of indulgence. 
Loved the Choco mud pie- goeey, soft, not overly sweet - sinful chocolate. Best one for me❤️⭐️👍🏻
The brownie was nice.
The mango ice cream was so refreshing, light in flavour and really good. 
The lemon cheese cake was light, cheesy and lovely. 

And as if this was not enough, there was a live band serenading us to lovely tunes. The night was beautiful, yummy and young. 

I loved the entire experience and enjoyed my Mexican fiesta.
The Mexican festival is on for this month of June 2016 at 212 All Day Cafe Bar. 
They also have a flat 50% off on all drinks from 4pm to 9pm. 
They have a live band every Thursday playing amazing music from 9pm. 
So,, I am going there soon ,, definitely very soon 😍 yet again. 
Thanks a lot to Carpe Diem Team for inviting us and Karthik for hosting us, Chef Vijay for the amazing food.
For the record the place I feel is complete value for money for the portions, taste, service, ambience and amazing offers.

Hope you enjoyed it. 
Do watch the video to see our evening yourself and subscribe, like, comment. 
I love to hear from you. 

Until next time.

Stay cheerful and happy!! 

Lot of love❤️❤️

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