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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sita's Sister - A Mytholigical Journey book reading at Tertulia

Tertulia hosted a book reading for Sita's Sister - a mytholigical journey written by Kavita Kane.

Yadu sankalia and Ritu Nathani read excerpts from the book and Kavita herself put light on the characters in the book, her research and answered all questions the audience had. 

Kavita Kane a name well known as the author for the best selling Karnas wife.
Kavita indeed loves mythology and it's like the unsung characters from the era gone by call to her to tell their story and she successfully does exactly that with great penchant. 
Sitas sister is a book written on Urmila better known as Laxmans wife whom he left behind for 14 years in the palace when he took exile with Ram and Sita. 
It's astonishing how characters, plots, dilemma, questions and the story which took place thousands of years ago still rings true today also. 
The questions raised by Urmila, her thinking, her life, relationships, sisterhood, love, responsibilities are beautifully sketched by Kavita. With her research as well as her prowess to write, she has given life to Urmilas character. 

I am definitely very eager to read this book. 

Photo credits - Tertulia and Kavita Kane page 

It was an enjoyable afternoon listening to the experts in the comforts of the cozy resto and enjoying healthy Raw Pressery  juices thanks to Carpe Diem and everyone involved. 

Do let me know how you find the book . 


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