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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Princess : a true story behind veil of Saudi Arabia - Jean Sasson

I never read books according to the latest ones coming in the market. I just randomly pick up the ones I like while browsing the store.
I happened to read one such book. 

  1. Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia
    Book by Jean Sasson

A shocking story of a true princess of Saudi. 
The book is heart wrenching. 
It tells you what really goes on behind the veils, the truth of the magnificent palaces and one of the richest places. 
It engulfs you from the starting in the world of princess Sultana ( true name changed). She is heroic in her own rights, fighting and being a rebel to the entire system from the start. Every episode brings out the shocking tales of women in Saudi, of their struggle, of their fight to survival. It's heart breaking to know of the lives these royalty clad woman live having every luxury at their disposal and yet prisoners in their house, without any control or right on their life. 
The battle of Princess Sultana and all the women around her. 
You get immediately drawn to the ferocious little girl who denies to bow down, the punishment, her suffering , yet she grows into a beautiful teenager with the same wild heart, the anguish , her pain, her love affairs, rebels, her fearless nature, the way she becomes a wife and then a mother. The lessons in life, hard hitting ( pun intended) and fierce change her or does she change her life is the question kept burning throughout. 
Yet every time she plans and plots and Rebels to get her ways, your heart skips a beat for her. Every victory of her is rejoiced and you feel her pain equally.
The truth of Saudi woman this book tells is a must read. 
I couldn't get my eyes of it, finished it in a day. 


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