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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A little bit of kindness this Summer

Summer is here, it's just the beginning and the temperature are soaring. Everyone just needs a respite from this blistering heat. One doesn't want to venture out of the comfort of the home owing to the scorching sun. However the birds and stray animals brave the heat without any option.
These poor things fall victim to dehydration. They are instances of birds collapsing due to dehydration. 
With one small deed we can make a difference. 
Please put water outside your home or society for stray animals in clay pots or containers of no value which the animals can easily reach and have a drink. 

One can have water baths for the birds on the terrace, window sill, balcony for the little creatures as a small respite from heat. 
Keep a dish or container with a depth not more than1-2 inches so that they can easily have a quick dip, drink water and refresh themselves. 
One can keep some bird feed, simple grains, for the birds to enjoy a complete meal. 
A little bit of plants around will make your outdoors a sanctuary for birds and you will be surprised by the myriad visitors you get. The space will also cheer you up and will be your own little oasis a respite from the heat as well as the concrete jungle. 
If it's not possible, just keep a dish of water and be a saviour for the little creatures. 

Simple bird baths you can keep - 

Photo credits - Pinterest 

This is my Bird Bath - 

Please be generous and share water. 
A little gesture will help many. 

Enjoy the summer. 


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