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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Butter Garlic Fish

A quick and easy recipe to satisfy hunger and satiate those tastebuds ,, as well as healthy, now that's a killer combination, don't you think? 😊
I was feeling like having a quick fish bite and wanted it healthy with loads of veggies. 
I had Mackerel (Surmai) handy, the dish will turn out awesome with Tuna or Talapia variety of fish too. 

Thinking of healthy I decided to steam them. Especially for those who do not like to overpower food with too many spices and ingredients. Simple dish retaining the flavour of the fish and very subtle to taste. 

The method and ingredients are very easy and you will be thoroughly pleased with the results. 


Mackerel cut in slices ( over here we are making two slices of grilled fish, enough for one person meal) 

Salt and pepper according to taste 
1 Lime juice 
Garlic cloves cut finely around 2tspn
Chilly flakes optional 
Butter a small blob 
Olive oil 2tspn
Cilantro or any herb of your choice 

Wash the fish fillet and pat dry 
Mix all the ingredients and rub the fillets with it. 
Now take a foil and keep the fish over it, pour the remaining ingredients if left and finally drizzle some olive oil. 
Wrap the fish nicely and place it in a pan. 
Let it cook with the pan covered on low flame for around 5-7 minutes then turn the package over and repeat on other side for the same time. 
Fish is ready, be careful while opening the foil. 

Fish is ready to be devoured with sautéed vegetables and rice, one can also have some white sauce. 

Hope you Enjoy !! 


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