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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bike ride to Mahabaleshwar

I love to travel is a known fact. I am a wanderer I feel. The best way to make me happy is to take me out for a trip, however small or big. That's exactly what hubby dear did, he told me to get ready early morning last Sunday, packed few things and announced that we are going for a small trip and that too on the bike.
How I was happy and excited, extremely curious though. I am one of those type of people who can't take in curiosity for a long time. Curiosity kills the cat symptoms and I started randomly guessing names for our destination which were close enough for a bike ride. 
To my extreme surprise I realized that we weren't going to any of those destinations but embarked our journey which was headed towards Mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar is our favorite neighboring hill station. We have to have at least a couple of trips to Mahabaleshwar within a year. 
This was our first bike trip to Mahabaleshwar and I was really excited. 
We had a fabulous time and this was an awesome surprise, which I totally loved.
Days like this and moments they get along just make life so beautiful and spontaneous. 
Check out our trip in the snaps below with what we exactly did and how are trip turned out to be -

All prepared

First Pit stop

Misal and vada pav = best breakfast


Next stop

I love to be on the road

Reached Panchgani
1st stop

Chilled ice creams on a hot summer day is bliss.

Finally - Mahabaleshwar

Strolling in the market, buying Mahabaleshwar goodies.

Roaming around

Nothing can beat the local Nimbu soda at scenic points.

Posing for you all comfortable in my casual attire.

If this is where I relaxed everyday -- dreams

I just love Nature

Foodies Heaven - lunch

Dessert is not far behind

good bye snack

Returning back after a wonderful day. 

Some tips and facts by Hubby Dear :

Pune to Mahabaleshwar is 120 kms.
One can go there for a day trip and return comfortably by evening.
Plenty of accommodations for an over night stay available.
for your bike trip
Make sure your bike is in perfect condition, before embarking on the journey.
Travel Light.
Do carry your sun gear, cap, scarf, a jacket for the windy evening.
Do carry a bottle of water, candy, a napkin.
Make regular stops and keep yourself hydrated as well as stretch your legs and back a bit.
Stop at places which are frequented and crowded.
Do try and leave early morning from Pune and leave from Mahabaleshwar before dark.
Cross the Pasarni ghat in sunlight.
Do not travel on the bike after sunset.

One can enjoy Mahabaleshwar for its climate, nature, beauty, different points, markets, food (a complete post on the same here)

An awesome trip and some more memories to treasure.



  1. Hey Thr,
    Very Nice blog with pics. Me and my Hubby are also planning to visit Mahabaleswar on our Activa and wondering if the ghat roads are safe to ride as I will be riding in parts. Did you guys switch of the engine downhill on way back? Need some tips, Regards, Kusum

    1. Hey, roads are safe, you can definitely ride in parts. Be careful on the pasarni ghat. Do not travel after sundown ,, becomes very difficult on the bike, especially in the ghat . I personally never ride downhill with a switched off engine. It's a dangerous thing. A habit drilled and followed by hubby dear. Have a safe and lovely trip !

    2. Hello World...!!!

    3. Hi Kusum, Bhakti

      Is the uphill ride fine for Active or need only high CC bikes? Please comment.

    4. You can take the Activa .. won't be an issue according to me... many people do Come on an activa

    5. Can I go mahakaleshwar with my wife on Jupiter is it safe....Pls give tips

    6. Very Nice blog.. for 20 years have been pestering my wife for a bike ride there, now she is fully motivated for a bike ride after seeing this blog.. :)


  2. Hello Bhakti, Impressive photography, getting feel like roaming in the Mahabaleshwar. Enjoyed it. :)

    1. Thanks a lot, looking at the pictures I am missing mahabaleshwar and will be going on another trip there soon :)

  3. Nice post. You reminded me of my trip with my husband year:). I loved the desert there and also food. Will plan again soon

  4. Is it safe for couples to go there on bike (without any group)?

  5. Hi bhakti reading your post we are going on 21st of this month can you refer a hotel

  6. i got the full confidence after read your comment, i defenetly going with family on my Activa....thanx Bhakti mam....

  7. Hey I have been to Mahabaleshwar on bike. It reminded my bike trip. Good Old Days. Thanks


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