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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

JUICE for Hair

I have yet to meet any girl who doesn't like to be pampered. Pampering our self is something we girls love to do ( guys are you taking the clue). Leave any girl in the salon and she would be lost their for hours. I myself am a sucker for a good day at the spa or salon. I can spend a crazy time inside getting pampered silly ;p I am quite vain you see.
This weekend I did just what I love - spending an afternoon at the salon, getting pampered silly and enjoying every minute of it courtesy Juice salon at J.W.Marriott.

As soon as I got an invitation from JUICE, I just went oh definitely yes! yay!
Juice has always been one of my favorite salons however this was my first time at Juice J.W.Marriott and let me assure you that I was bowled over right from the start till the end with this mind blowing experience. No sooner than I arrived at the plush property of J.W.Marriott Pune and started thinking how the salon will turn out to be, let me tell you its very difficult to match the beauty and grandeur of this huge hotel. I was surprised to find out that the salon indeed exceeded my expectations. A cozy luxurious salon, highly equipped with value for money and amazing service is what you will get.

Let me take you on a small tour.

The Reception

Waiting area - Await your turn while sipping on some Tea/ coffee
( my appointment was bang on time )

This is where all the action takes place.

They use - TIGI, S Factor and Loreal.
You can even Purchase S factor products from the salon.

After torturing my hair for a really long time, what with the holi, road trips, bike rides and chemical products. They were screaming for help.
Help soon came in the disguise of Chetan my stylist for the day.
He suggested to go in for The Gold Detox Treatment.
They have just introduced this and I am sure this is going to be a sure hit.

The Gold Detox Treatment by JUICE aims at relieving the hair from damage which clarifies, purifies, energizes, revitalizes, detoxifies, nourishes, protects and returns the hair and scalp to a balanced state. The treatment which lasts for 70 minutes involves a head message with exotic oils rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3 to sooth the scalp, followed by shampooing with Argan oil light weight based shampoo that deeply nourishes and softens hair.
To round it off, the treatment is followed by a deep conditioning session with a pack of hair oils such as cotton seed oil, grape seed oil and avocado oil. One rinse and a fabulous blow dry later the hair is styled with Argan vapor to seal all the natural properties the hair has received during this treatment.
The result was fabulous, this treatment is especially for hair which has weakened due to harsh chemicals, coloring, pollution and hair treatments. It really helps to strengthen the hair.
It is suggested for 5 sittings done once in every 15 days. After which they suggest it once a month. The treatment comes at a modest price of Rs 2200 which I think is totally worth it. I highly recommend it.
I suggest have a look at their Hair spa treatments, they have a vast variety available. Consult their expert and you will be directed in the right direction. The Hair spa Treatments range from Rs 450 to Rs 2200. I swear by their Hair styling and hair cuts and have been their regular customer since a long time.
I am not a big nail girl but love indulging in Manicures and Pedicures, They have an impressive Nail Studio with an amazing collection of Nail arts. Those who love their long nails will be glued to their nail station.
 For more information visit their website.
Now time for a quick glimpse of my day at JUICE.

All ready to start

The awesome head massage followed by some quick zzz and refreshing Green Tea, some Femina Gossip. What more a can a girl ask for? Complete Paradise.

The leave in conditioners and oils gave a nice soothing cooling effect on the scalp after the massage - very relaxing indeed.

My stylist explained me and gave me a lot of suggestions and remedies for my hair.

After a good wash, when Chetan was busy washing my hair and I was enjoying the Massage chair.

After a good blow dry.

The final product.. I was so happy to get back my soft, silky and smooth traces and basked in its glory. I am in love with JUICE for returning the lost beauty of my hair. I am all glued to their hair treatments. Thanks a lot for having me over and showing me a new hair care heaven.
What are you guys waiting for make an appointment at the nearest JUICE and sit back relax and the let the professionals pamper you completely.
You can get information about them here- or
Hotel Marriott Conference &
Convention Centre,
2nd Floor, Senapati Bapat Road
Pune - 411053, India
Tel: 020 65003936

Ground Floor, Baron's Club
Opposite Jogger's Park
Kalyani Nagar
Pune - 411006
Tel: 020-26650255 / 210

Ground Floor,
Sharda apartments,
Opposite Abhimanshree Society
Gate no 5,
Aundh-Pashan link road,
Tel: 020-65313355 / 66


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