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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Love for Chindian @ Uncle's Kitchen

Authenticity is an important factor in all aspects. In food too it plays a major role. We always crave for authentic cuisine and places are ranked on the authenticity of food they serve.
However we Indians always love to add our own signature Indian ness to all cuisines. Making our interpretation of that dish. Majority of people love Chinese cuisine. I am no different in that aspect Chinese food is my favorite but Indian Chinese or better known as chindian food is what I crave majority of times. For those of you who are wondering what is Chindian food - Indian + Chinese = Chindian. Chinese with a tadka and spices of Indian. According to me Chindian too is an authentic cuisine, now where else in the world would you get such Chinese. 
The other day I was craving for some mouth watering Chindian food and thanks to research on Zomato and PEO members Hubby and I decided to dine at Uncles Kitchen in K.p. I was happy with the decision to the T as what you get over here is some really mouth watering Chindian food satisfying the Indo Chinese   Tug of taste buds inside you. 
A small cozy place tucked in the by lanes of Kp. Relish the mouthwatering flavors in simplicity. You will see it crowded at all meal hours. They serve really good meal combos from 11am to 4pm. We gorged on our favorite, must have starter chicken chilly which was perfect, crispy, spicy, tangy and soft and juicy. I loved the fact that the capsicum was still a bit crunchy the way it is supposed to be. The portions here are huge. We couldn't finish our chicken pecking gravy to go with Chicken Schezwan rice. The gravy was tangy and mildly sweet spicy with ample of chicken. The rice could have been bit more spicy but then again my spice meter is really very high. However the Schezwan chutney made it up for it. Very laid back place for relaxing meal. Do try their Schezwan triple fried rice with crispy noodles and prawn soup, tom yum soup,  some good old Hakka noodles, chilly garlic noodles, they also serve some really nice Thai and Malaysian cuisine. The service is relaxed and the value for money is really good. The place is easy on your pocket and high on taste. 

Definitely going back :) 


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