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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Orange & Purple

Hello everybody how are you doing?
It's that time of the year again, when I am craving for a vacation. Planning excitedly, checking out loads of places that fit my liking and in general planning everything to the T and day dreaming obviously.
I love the process of planning the vacation a lot, it builds in so much excitement. But weirdly enough I am a little scared to embark on each vacation of mine, I think that's because I am afraid "what if it doesn't meet my expectations?" As you all know I am a control freak . I am obsessed with having things the way I have planned, if there are  changes and that too unwanted and disliked ones, I keep sulking. God bless people around me then, especially hubby dear.
I am working on learning to let go, taking things easy and just sitting back and enjoying without having to worry. It's sure a work in progress.
I so many times hope and wish that i can be more like my hubby dear who is laid back, easy going and chilled. Taking things as they come but I like to be prepared for anything and everything. Guess that's the way I am although trying to loosen up.

On a lighter note here's an outfit post from winter waiting to be shared ...
I loved Orange as well as Purple colors in the winter, but I never thought of pairing them both together. That was until I found these --

My inspiration --

This is what I came up with -
My outfit of the day-
Simple, comfortable, basic, minimal, casual, in short completely my style ;p (tomboy that I always am) 
I love layers, especially cardigans.

Top - Westside
Neckpiece - C/o Add on Accessories
Earrings - Bangkok Market
Cardigan - Splash
Denims - Levis
Footwear- Foot in


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