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Monday, August 26, 2013


One question keeps haunting me from time to time- What is my Purpose in Life? This question leads to a series of thoughts and a thread of questions which leave me confused and clueless every single time.What am I born for? What is the reason I am in this world?
According to me there is a purpose for every bodies birth. A destiny to fulfill. A contribution to make to the world. The meaning for existence. I am not talking of a job or a degree, what I mean are the deeper things in life. Things that matter. Things by which we will be remembered, even when we are not there. Things that give us sheer happiness and satisfaction. They are not measured by how big or small they are. What matters that they are big in our life.
Realization hits many a times that the best things in Life are right in front of us, but I need to find identify it myself, don't I ?My search is still going on. I still am finding my purpose of being. I am still stumbling along the path of my personal enlightenment. I am still Clueless.

I came across this website the other day that said in order to know the purpose of your life, just write this question - What is the purpose of my life? and then start writing your answers with an open heart until you stumble upon an answer which really makes you cry. This just made me wonder after countless sleepless nights and amazing number of hours pondering over this question, I still haven't got an answer. So is this that easy, will this provide me with an answer. Guess, I will have to try it out to find it myself.

Does this happen to you ? Have you got your purpose of being ? Are you as clueless as me ?

Please do share your views with me.

And now for the ootd.

Top - Gift from sister
Denims- Levis
Bag - Dubai Market
Shoes- Dubai market
Neckpiece - Splash



  1. For many years I struggled, but then my thoughts thread took to question my Creator. Then Jesus chose me, I read the Bible and found that He created me for Himself and unless I have relationship with Him, I am dead, but dying in Him I have new life Read my story @

    1. the Creator and creation - beautiful relationship indeed

  2. I need to to thank you for this wonderful read!!
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    1. Thanks to all the readers, the main reason and motivation for me to keep on writing. :) I am glad you enjoyed it.

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  5. Hey Bhakti,
    I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Look forward to your answers -

    1. Thanks a lot for nominating me for the award. Will be posting a post on it soon.


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