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Friday, August 16, 2013

A cup of Coffee ...

A multi talented cup of coffee. A cup of Coffee is magical, isn't it? No wonder there are so many coffee cafes sprouting up on each and every nook and corner.
Well don't you know it is a universally accepted fact that anything can happen over a cup of coffee.
It brews magic, romance, mystery, the long wait, meetings, marriages, planning, lectures, newspapers, rainy evenings, cold mornings, late nights, conversations, puzzles, board games, assignments, vacations.(you name it you got it)
Be it in movies or real life a cup of Coffee is nothing short of a miracle maker.
By now it is no hidden fact that we go on loads of coffee dates because hubby dear is a true coffee lover. Eventually I have too turned into one (no other option, have I? ). There is such a variety of options to spoil the coffee lovers, well hubby dear likes his strong cappuccino but I like mine fancy ;p. ( a little bit of sparkle never hurts anybody, does it?)
We love our coffee dates, sitting in different cafes throughout the town. Sipping on hot coffee (for me its mostly cold coffee) watching the world pass. Our never ending conversations (me ranting all the time), catching up on each other, revisiting old memories, making small stories on the passerby's. Planning, joking, just being. It rekindles our dating period dates. Reminiscing about memories and creating lots more.
Seasons go by, years, time flew, the baristas, the caf├ęs, age, places every thing changed except for our cup of Coffee and its serenading magic.
Our never ending cups of Coffee through years ....
A small glimpse..

To many more cups of coffee yet to come ...



  1. Nice even I am a big fan of coffeeeeee

    1. You will be surprised I never liked coffee at first, but guess coffee really makes one fall in love , addictive ,,


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