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Friday, September 27, 2013

A Little Bottle of Serenity ..

Yesterday after having a somewhat rough day - work, arguments, stress, lots of uninvited guests, cooking, cleaning. I was exhausted. I was so frustrated and generally angry.
 I needed a breather so badly. Right then my eyes fell on a package in the corner, my eyebrows were raised with irritation even further. One more thing to clean. I got up with vengeance to take care(destroy) of it. It was wrapped up. I opened it still angry. I was feeling suffocated and claustrophobic the packet still in my hand.
 Without a blink of the eye I took my bag and the car keys still looking at the parcel and walked out of the house. Sat in the car, took a breather, opened the bag.
It was a gift from Ambi pur - a small mini vent clip car freshener in my favorite fragrance - Lavender. I then remembered of having to applied for a sample on Indiblogger , as hubby and me are both loyal fans of Ambi Pur. I think it is the best in the market. Unlike other brands the technique of fixing it to the vent is very easy plus it stays there without wobbling or falling down from the ac vent on sharp turns. I love the small and cute vent. It disperses fragrance mildly and refreshes the entire car. I like to keep the dispersion of fragrance on minimum mode and I am very satisfied by the result I get. Lavender very popular in therapies and spas and being well known for its excellent soothing, relaxing and refreshing properties is my all time favorite.
No wonder, it got a tiny hint of smile to my face. I plugged it in the vent, put some soft music and dreading the traffic still started the car. With expectations of chaos, traffic, honking horns, ditches, stress I left my home with no set destination in mind. I just wanted to get out.
No sooner than I did, my nerves began to calm down and a soothing, rejuvenating fragrance was mildly engulfing me.  A tranquil oasis of Lavender was cocooning me. What more, that was what was required to soothe my tired body and soul, a breath of fresh air. I began to relax and enjoyed my drive with the soft music and equally soft fragrant Ambi pur. After half an hour of my own personal therapy, I was rejuvenated to head back home and tackle everything with renewed vigor.

I smiled to myself ( a hearty smile) and thanked my little bottle of serenity (all at Rs 199 only for 30 days)


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